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Palenqueros Espadin – Tobaziche

Palenqueros Espadin - Tobaziche is a small batch selection curated by the exceptional palates at Maison du Whiskey and Velier.

About this mezcal

Palenqueros Espadin – Tobaziche is made with cultivated maguey Espadin and wild maguey Tobaziche. The agave are milled by hand, fermented with open-air yeasts for twelve days in pine wood vats, and double distilled in small clay pots. The first batch of this was just 423 bottles.

Palenqueros Mezcal

Palenqueros Mezcal is marketed as Single Palenque mezcal, meaning that it’s produced by a single mezcalero at a single distilling facility. The brand is a collaboration project between Tradición Chagoya, which owns and operates other mezcal brands like Donaji and Los Cuerudos, and Velier Italia, an Italian spirits company.

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