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Palenqueros Tobaziche – Tobala

Palenqueros Tobaziche – Tobala has notes of lime, dried plants, bay leaf, parsley, pepper, vanilla, dry soil, and mustard seeds.

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Brand:Palenqueros Mezcal
Mezcalero:Juan Hernandez
Agave:Tobala, Tobaziche
ABV: 49%
Website: https://tradicionchagoya.com/en/single-palenque/
About this mezcal

Palenqueros Tobaziche – Tobala is produced with agave Tobaziche and agave Tobalá agave by mezcalero Juan Hernández. Once cooked, the agave are milled by hand with a wooden mallet. They are fermented with open air yeasts in pine, and double distilled in a copper still.

Palenqueros Mezcal

Palenqueros Mezcal is marketed as Single Palenque mezcal, meaning that it's produced by a single mezcalero at a single distilling facility. The brand is a collaboration project between Tradición Chagoya, which owns and operates other mezcal brands like Donaji and Los Cuerudos, and Velier Italia, an Italian spirits company.

1 review

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3 days ago

Really good! An agave Tobala mezcal with a grassy/karwinskii finish. The smell brings you to Oaxaca. Proof seems much lower than 49%. Salt, cantaloupe, and dried agave. This is well-priced. Batch JHEN01.

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