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Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe

Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe is velvety with a palate of white chocolate and ripe banana. Rómulo Sánchez Parada uses wild yeasts for the fermentation.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:Rey Campero Mezcal
Mezcalero:Romulo Sanchez Parada
Town:Candelaria Yegole
ABV: 48%
Website: www.mezcalreycampero.com
About this mezcal

Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe uses agave that is grown at a range of 3,000-6,000 feet. Master mezcalero Rómulo Sánchez Parada is known for his artistry, and this Mezcal uses natural yeasts for fermentation.  It is velvety with a palate of white chocolate and ripe banana.

Rey Campero Mezcal

Rey Campero represents the culture, tradition and art of Candelaria Yegolé, a small town in the Southern Highlands of Oaxaca, with a fertile ground on its slopes and canyons. It represents a people dedicated to the production of artisanal Mezcal, so one of its principles is to help producers of maguey, by creating job opportunities, but especially in finding markets for the best Mezcal. Rey Campero, means "King of the Countryside" and it was founded by the maestro mezcalero Romulo Sanchez Parada. Romulo learned how to make mezcal from his father, and he worked in the palenque until age 20. He lived and worked for several years in North Carolina while in his 20s before returning to Oaxaca in 2003. Each lot may vary slightly, so check your bottle for specific details about ABV.

6 reviews

3.3 of out 5 stars

DEEF on Jun 21, 2018

5 reviews

  • Overall:

Good mezcal, interesting and curious flavors on this experience. I had a difficult time identifying what was going on, so I came back to it considerably. Balanced. My third favorite Rey Campero. Some smoke and sweetness and interesting flavors. Good tongue feel with light acidity.

Tyler on Jul 15, 2017

249 reviews

  • Overall:

Madrecuishe was the first non-espadin mezcal I tried and really opened me up to the world of mezcal. I got this bottle on a whim because of my enjoyment of that agave. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy this much as other madrecuishe mezcals. Overall it’s a bit hot. There are flavors of black currant, kiwi, and molasses. The nose outperforms the taste. Lot DS002-MC from August 2014.

Jonny on Jul 12, 2017

275 reviews

  • Overall:

Lot DS002-MC from August 2014. Bottle 661/1759. Vegetal notes of cooked asparagus and fresh lettuce on the nose. Slightly oily in texture but not to an unpleasant extent. Overall this is balanced and tasty but it lacks any real WOW moments. It’s worth trying, but I don’t really need a bottle of this.

Sandy on Sep 19, 2016

11 reviews

  • Overall:

Less spice, very smooth, hint of vanilla. Great start for an evening of Mezcal tasting.

Mary Batchelor on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

I normally like madre-cuishe mezcals, but this one is a little strong for me. I prefer Wahaka and Chango Loco’s madre-cuishe to the Rey Campero.

Justin on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

Warm tingly feeling on the lips makes way for the cheery warm buzz. A+++

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