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Rezpiral Tobala

Rezpiral Tobala is a small batch mezcal that is only available in select areas of the US. It is a limited release from mezcalero Aureliano Hernandez.

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Brand:Rezpiral Mezcal
Mezcalero:Aureliano Hernandez
Town:San Baltazar Guélavila
ABV: 46%
Age of plant: 9-10 years
Release year: 2018
Website: https://rezpiral.com/
About this mezcal

Rezpiral Tobala is made with agave Tobala that takes 9-10 years to reach maturity. Mezcalero Aureliano Hernandez crushes his cooked agave with a horse drawn tahona and he double distills his mezcal in a copper alembic still. This mezcal was released in 2018 as part of series three from Rezpiral.

Rezpiral Mezcal

Rezpiral brings selections of high-quality traditional small-batch (non-certified) Mezcals into a handful of places in the USA. At the core of the project is the embrace of an ethos that aims to respect and support the multi-generational knowledge, independence, flavors, lands, and ways of each mezcalero family.

Rezpiral’s small scale allows for the advocacy of diversity on different levels, from supporting the autonomy of producers & their continued production of artisanal mezcals to the preservation of local land control. Rezpiral actively supports master artisan’s proactive planting and management of agave; recollecting and incubating seeds, transplanting and farming diverse species of endemic agave in sustainable ways. Rezpiral directs 10% of earnings back into supporting artisans farming.

Rezpiral has a regional greenhouse to support independent small scale mezcaleros in cultivating and reforesting their lands with local endangered wild agave varietals. They also are highly focused on a cultural and conservation residency program.

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