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Tosba Arroqueno

Tosba Arroqueno is made by Edgar Gonzalez, who comes from several generations of sugar cane aguardiente producers in San Cristóbal Lachirioag.

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Brand:Tosba Mezcal
Mezcalero:Edgar Gonzalez
Town:San Cristobal Lachirioag
About this mezcal

Tosba Arroqueno is made with agave Arroqueno outside the tiny town of San Cristóbal Lachirioag, Oaxaca. The Sierra Juárez mountains that surround the town and the distant palenque are not ideal for all types of agave, but Edgar Gonzalez has been vigorously planting for the past 20 years. While there has only been a small amount of Arroqueno that he’s been able to harvest, there are more on his property that may reach maturity in the next few years. Due to the limited supply, the first batch of this was only about 100 liters.

Tosba Mezcal

Mezcal Tosba is a microbusiness founded by two cousins from San Cristóbal Lachirioag, Oaxaca, Mexico. As migrants living in Silicon Valley, California in 1999, they were inspired and influenced by the entrepreneurialism that surrounded them. Concerned by the increasing migration from their home region of Cajonos-Villa Alta in the Sierra Juárez mountains, they decided to form a business that would rescue the disappearing mezcal production and bring economic opportunity to the area. Mezcal Tosba is created by using traditional, and what is now called sustainable, agricultural methods of harvesting and distillation passed down by generations of farmers and mezcaleros from the region of Cajonos-Villa Alta of the Sierra Juárez in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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2 reviews

4.5 out of 5



375 reviews
1 year ago

Very fortunate to have tried this unique Arroqueño. Edgar, the mezcalero, is very generous and shared some of this small batch with us. Definitely get Skittles on the nose like Jonny mentions. Agave Arroqueño mezcals can offer up a range of flavors and this is one is definitely on the sweet fruit side of the spectrum. There are notes of candied orange, apricot, and a touch of olive oil and salt. I think people will enjoy this. Lot 1.



406 reviews
1 year ago

Lot 1. Smells like skittles. Very sweet and fruity on the nose. Taste-the-rainbow-type aromas. The palate is less fruity but still carries a bit of tropical punch type flavor. I’m getting notes of leather, mango, papaya, and pineapple. This is really nice. A bit of a burn but not in an unpleasant way. Very balanced and even the whole way through.

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