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Canadian born. Lived in various places around Mexico. From a restaurant family and love all things food and drink. Enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures and gastronomy. Recently started a company to bring products into Central Canada
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Mal Bien Quiote de Alto

Nov 14, 2022

Very special. If you’re in the mood for something refreshing, this is it. I can picture myself drinking it on the deck on a hot day by the lake. Fragrant watermelon, cucumber, slight citric and lactic notes. Easy drinking but sufficiently complex

La Remilgosa Lechuguilla

Nov 14, 2022

Probably my personal favourite from Mexico in a bottle event in SF. Extremely unique and well produced. Even at 53% it didn’t feel overbearing at all. Creamy, sweet agave moving into a tobacco, musty presence with a bit of cacao. Satisfying, long finish. I’d get a bottle!

Convite Espadin-Madrecuishe

Oct 27, 2022

Lote: DC45
Best value coming out of Convite and something I’ll grab as a no-brainer when I’m in the mood for something from that region.
Bit of convite brininess with a balance of sweet agave, herbal freshness and toasted wood smoke.

Convite Esencial

Oct 27, 2022

Something I used to use in Mexico for cocktails a lot. Not a very interesting sipper.
Briny, slightly citric and bit of bonfire.
Overall does the job, but I tend to use others in its place now. I like Sacro Imperio 42% Mexican version for cocktails as it has the cenizo profile that works well with many ingredients. Also a better deal and a good sipper

Wild Common Ensamble

Oct 27, 2022

Lote: WC0121
Overall an enjoyable pour. Needed a little bit of time to open up. When I first opened the bottle I wasn’t much of a fan. Coming back to it a few nights later I dug it.
Nice after-dinner pour as it leans toward sweeter/fruitier side of the spectrum.
Sweet, toasty agave on the palate moving to a creamy, stone-fruit flavour. Medium finish and great mouth-feel.
I would buy it again as a sipper, although there are lots of brands to consider at the price point.

Lagrimas de Dolores Masparillo

Apr 17, 2022

Lote M-10: My personal favourite from Lagrimas. Little minerality with a sweet vanilla taste coating the mouth before being swept away by a vegetal, ginger-like subdued spiciness thats gives away to a satisfying finish. Great work by Fabiola, a great maestra vinatera and a great person

Hacienda Oponguio Ineaquidens Seco

Apr 16, 2022

No lot # – I agree with Jonny on the chalky minerality. Also got dry leaves and a bit of winter spices on the palate. I tend to like drier mezcales over super fruity and could drink this every day; however, this particular lot didn’t leave me with the same wow factor as the frutal/herbal. Still a great mezcal and will try again and again

Hacienda Oponguio Ineaquidens Herbal

Apr 16, 2022

No lot # – This was my personal favourite from the Inaequidens flight. Was perfectly balanced between herbal freshness, lightly astringent (dry) and a touch of sweetness. Great finish and left me wanting more so I had to grab a bottle for home. These guys are doing a great job in a beautiful location and are super welcoming

Hacienda Oponguio Ineaquidens Frutal

Apr 16, 2022

No lot number. Tried a flight at the distillery. Light floral herbaceousness giving way to a smooth apricot-like dried fruit note. Nice medium finish. Overall a well produced mezcal at a picturesque setting
*will update with another lot when I open the bottle I purchased

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