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Rey Campero Arroqueno

Sep 10, 2020

DS002-A May 2017 Bottle 379/480. Much sweeter start than I’ve experienced with most Arroqueños. I thought this may be due to the bottle being freshly opened but after opening up for 10-15min that sweet entrance is still there. Velvety mouthfeel. Faint green vegetal notes, strong guava on the palate. Very approachable I despise this term, but surprisingly “smooth” going down. Only a faint, lingering burn on the side of my palate and roof of my mouth, but none in the throat. Not my favorite Arroqueño but a solid bottling from Maestro Romulo Sanchez Parada.

Vago Tobala en Barro

Feb 17, 2020

Lot S-09-TOB-19 May 2019 batch. 49.2% ABV. Hints of milk chocolate and orange with lots of minerality right off the bat. Slightly musty on the nose. The chocolate gets stronger as I let it open up. I’m also getting some dried fig. To me, not as fruity of a batch as others have experienced with previous batches. Still phenomenal though. With only 93 liters, if you see it, try it.

Los Nahuales Special Edition No. 3

Feb 16, 2020

Smells like skittles and starburst. Definitely tobala-forward on the palate. Lots of citrus upfront, lime & sweet grapefruit, plenty of grassiness & minerality. If you could turn a sotol paloma into a mezcal this would be it. Takes me back to my childhood lakehouse we used to rent….fresh dew on the grass and smooth waters ready to be sliced by a water-ski.

5 Sentidos Bicuixe-Madrecuixe

Feb 16, 2020

Batch BCMC02-18. Bottle 135/159. Karwinskii heaven! One of my favorite blends of all-time. On the nose – sweet cucumber, white pepper, green, intensely mineral. On the palate, take a ripe green pepper, a handful of fresh cut grass, spearmint & a kiss of serrano….pack them into a boxing glove and get punched in the face with it! So intense yet perfectly balanced……really excited to taste more from Atenogenes in the near future.

5 Sentidos Chino

Feb 10, 2020

Batch BIEN01-19. Bleu Cheese and Strawberry Candy……the red starburst Jonny mentioned was one of my first descriptors of this distillate. The nose just doesn’t let up on that candied-aspect. More sweetness on the nose and palate right off the bat, but the more you let it sit and open up, the cheese, funk, and earthiness really develop. Roquefort, Camambert, strawberry jam and bubble gum. Such a fun, delicious, and thought-provoking distillate. A favorite at El Destilado and a favorite of ours in the Chicago suburbs!

Rey Campero Jabali + Tepextate

Apr 25, 2019

Lot DS001-TS from October 2016. Really odd combination of varietals. I had high hopes given how much I enjoy Romulo’s straight Jabali. I definitely pick up Jabali on the nose. Peppery, leathery and meaty on the palate. A nice touch of funk, too. Pretty dry finish and lingering hints of cacao. Overall good, certainly unique, but for the money, I’d stick with the straight Jabali.

El Jolgorio Jabali

Apr 25, 2019

What a treat! Black Bottle, Batch 3. Green chile and tropical fruit on the nose. Perfect balance between sweet and spicy on the palate. Beautiful, round, vanilla sweetness accompanied by ripe jalapeño. Long, lingering spicy finish that gets you going back for more. If you see it, don’t hesitate…..try it!

Nuestra Soledad Lachigui

Apr 8, 2019

Edition 3 from 2016. Lot PVOES280616NS
Grass, minerals, and chocolate on the nose….a little floral, too. Notes of clay, high minerality, and wet river rock. Slight herbaceous qualities are also present with just the right amount of funk. A little more heat on the finish than your average espadin. Probably my favorite offering from the N.S. line. An absolute bargain for the quality!

Nuestra Soledad La Compania Ejutla

Apr 7, 2019

Edition 16 from 2016, Lot GGCES180816NS
Nose of wet rock, minerals, mango, pear and black pepper.
Pleasant minerality on the palate, like a toned down Lachigui. Slightly viscous. Smoke is very soft and subtle. Stone fruit. Medium-length finish.
Great expression for the price you’re going to pay for it.

Rey Campero Chato

Apr 7, 2019

Bottle 113/290 The perfect dessert mezcal. Produced in Aug of 2016 and bottled privately for Moreno’s in Chicago this is a treat. Old citrus peel, strong minerality and cacao in the nose. Tasting notes include dominant chocolate somewhere between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, mild nuttiness, and a long finish that’s a bit hot but mellows out quickly. Super unique and worth the purchase if you’re in the Chicagoland area!

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