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mostly nerdy about tequila. Mezcal seems like the wild west compared to tequila--so many different types and tastes.
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Amaras Cupreata

Jun 17, 2024

This one is amazing! After having the Espadin and Repo versions, the rep accepted my secret handshake and brought out a bottle from under his table. “Shhh, I don’t have enough for everyone”, is usually a good way to make a new friend.
I did not get much of the bottle info, but I remember hearing Guerrero. I did not look at the abv–and if you told me it was 40% I would have objected strongly–but it acted like a good one in the high 40s.
Aromas of backyard bbq, tropical fruit and light perfume. Very nice!
The taste was fairly smooth (maybe it was lower abv) with more tropical fruit, light smoke, pepper and earth.
The finish was worth finding this bottle! The blend of earthy sweetness was incredible and memorable. One of the best finishes ever.
Overall great and superbly well-balanced mezcal.

MR does not have the Amaras Verde listed. So here is my review for that.

Mezcalera Diana Orozco, the agave is listed as Espadin Verde.
Aroma has intense smoke and after a while orange blossom.
The taste is fun, and very good but it hits you all at once–very intense. It’s a little sweet, earthy, with light citrus.
The finish is good, long and balanced.
ABV 43%
3.5 stars

Amaras Reposado

Jun 17, 2024

Also came in at 42% from Mezcalera Diana Orozco. It was aged three months and enhanced the ok flavor of the non-aged Espadin.
The aroma was fairly muted (especially compared to the regular Espadin).
The taste was sweet with less smoke.
Finish was mellow, sweet with some light pepper.
Overall this would be a good intro to mezcal if you were coming from aged tequila or even whiskey.

Amaras Espadin

Jun 17, 2024

Mezcalera Diana Orozco. This came in at 42% and was ok to good overall.
Aroma was very strong smoke with cedar and cherry.
The taste was oily, smoky and quite intense with cherry cough syrup.
The finish settled down ok with some mint and pepper.

Caballito Cerrero Chato Puntas

May 8, 2024

While at the Caballito Cerrero distillery in June 2022 my brother and I had a tour and tasting. Getting there is an adventure by itself. You should go. Mezcal Reviews did a great blog about it a couple years ago.

I did not expect a puntas (70%) when I arrived. I hadn’t planned to buy any bottles on this trip due to luggage cost on the airplane. After tasting it I changed my mind and got a bottle. They were out of the Chato (one that I tried) and I took home Azul 70%. By the way did anyone else encounter a switcharoo like this?

The aroma was like no other agave spirit ever. Definite alcohol but more like a pine scented nuclear fusion. I had a few goes at trying to get aromatics, but every time I could not describe it, except to say it’s like UFO fuel.
The taste was unique and great as well–overwhelming and beautiful at the same time. Definite heat but some river-rock minerality that was sensational. The taste happened very quickly almost no time to gauge what was happening.
The finish is what sold it for me, it was really good. There was something ultra-clean about it.
This was more an experience than a tasting. Like a roller-coaster ride that was so good you get off and say “what happened?”

Maguey Melate Arroqueno – Nazario Salas Rosas

May 3, 2024

While really good, this one was tough to describe some of the aromas and tastes. I still think this one is great.
The aroma might have some fruit punch–until it disappears–replaced by sea salt and green mango.
The taste is excellent with good heat, light spice, pepper and a hint of charred asparagus.
The finish good also extenuating the good flavors, then it turns slightly bitter and even dusty earth. Overall great!

Maguey Melate Lechuguilla – Agapito Yepiz Vega

May 3, 2024

Once you get past the funky aroma, you will like it. I was put off by the super strong aroma, but then settled into a really enjoyable tasting.
The aroma–WOW! It is super powerful, with fermented fruit, earth, light mint and a hint of petrol. It’s ok.
The taste is really nice and silky with more mint, some sweetness and light vegetal.
The finish is fantastic and super balanced with the taste. It doesn’t last long but keeps the great flavors for a little while.

Maguey Melate Tequilana – Emanuel Ramos

Apr 28, 2024

The aroma has fruit punch, citrus and unripe mango.
The taste is silky, good heat (very subtle) and repeats many of the flavors in the aroma.
The finish is really long and warm, overall a great balanced tequila.

The bonus bottle (I think) was the “honorary” mezcalera from San Felipe Guanajuato. This was my favorite of the three “tequilas”.

Maguey Melate Tequilana – J. Refugio Pineda Cruz

Apr 28, 2024

The aroma is good with tangy fruit, pine, medium lactic and “farm” smells.
The taste is also good with citrus, spice, more pine and a hint of mint.
The finish is the best part for me because of how the heat cools nicely. There is a slight bitterness at the end, but still good.

MM sent out three “tequilas” recently. This is my least favorite…but there is always tomorrow.

Palomas Mensajeras Chino, Alto, Mexicano

Mar 17, 2024

This ensemble brings the PM family together nicely. If I had one to pick for my bar it would be this one (sorry Mexicano). It does so many good things and can appeal to many.
The aroma is ok, mostly highlighting the earthy alto.
The taste is so great! It brings all the expression flavors together and is a nice combination of the earthy, heat and sweetness from its constituents.
The finish is really fun. Almost chewy with some viscosity and flavors. Very well done!

Palomas Mensajeras Mexicano

Mar 17, 2024

I am with Rakhal that this is my favorite. I would give 4.25 stars to this one. All of the PM expressions are great and I would welcome any bottle to be at my bar. This one was so subtle in aroma and flavor but so fun/good to drink.
The aroma has light sweetness, with fruit and is that strawberry? Really good.
The taste has a great balance between earthy and sweet. While no flavors jump out, it is just good and I enjoy the taste.
The finish is long, good and balanced. I would say that the balance of this one makes it stand out. From aroma to finish it is all-around great!

Palomas Mensajeras Alto

Mar 17, 2024

This one is incredible if you like earthy goodness from Mayahuel!
The aroma is all earth and soil.
The taste is sensational with more dark earth, mushrooms, and light floral aspect that keeps the forrest from dominating.
The finish is the best part with building heat combined with great balance and that earthy flavor. Long, and each flavor takes a bow as the curtain comes down.

Palomas Mensajeras Chino

Mar 17, 2024

Spicy and delicious! More like 3.75 out of 4 stars. I can’t get past the spiciness of the taste! YEOW! Everything else is sensational here.
The aroma has tropical fruit, salt water taffy and river rock. Really great!
The taste is SPICY. Not hot with alcohol (which is perfect) but red Chile peppers that build in intensity. There is also stone fruit, pine needles–an overall fruity tang that is wonderful.
Paul Atreides on the planet Arrakis would agree: The finish is long and keeps the spice flowing.

Review #100

Creador Mexicano

Nov 19, 2023

“This one has got everything…”Remember Stefon, Bill Hader’s character on SNL? This Mexicano has so much going on I had to get a large notepad for all my thoughts.
This is amazing!
The aroma is really vibrant, a little funky, floral and some unusual things that I don’t have words for. Great!
The mouthfeel is very differetnt than the other Creador expressions–thick, oily and dark.
The taste is good and so different! It is complex and layered with grassy notes, a farmyard funk, leather, tobacco, dark molasses–but not sweet.
The finish is very nice with the flavors lingering and developing as you breathe.
This is an Advanced Placement mezcal. I could see some people not liking it as much as I do because of its uniqueness.

Creador Lumbre + Espadin

Nov 19, 2023

This is a wonderful ensamble. I like it far better than the straight espadín, and maybe a scotch less than the straight lumbre. The espadín does give it some more exciting flavors.
Aroma is great with creamy clay, berries and a whiff of baby powder.
The taste is very good and balanced, slight sweetness and good heat–but not as Red Hot spicy as the straight espadín.
Finish is ok/good with some pepper, light smoke and a slight bitterness as the finish cools.

Creador Lumbre

Nov 17, 2023

YES YES YES! There is the clay! Not overdone at all. Really great!
The aroma is wonderful with fruit, creaminess, clay, ripe berries and a light touch of floral–WOW!
Taste is fantastic with good heat, clay and fruit.
The finish is a terrific balance of aroma and taste with a wisp of smoke that lasts a long time.
This is sensational. Más lumbre pro favor! Batch JALU1122

Creador Espadin Capon

Nov 17, 2023

This is a solid espadín. I was hoping for more clay influences.
The aroma is the best part: redwood shavings, salinity, creamy sweetness.
Taste is overpowered with spicy Red-Hots. I get some river rock too.
The finish has good smoke but more Red-Hot candy spiciness. Not bad.
Overall pretty good. If you are looking for clay influence (like I do) then you can skip this one.
Batch JAEC1122

Maguey Melate Cenizo – Luis Carmelo Vazquez Escobedo

Oct 27, 2023

This is really good! Another great Cenizo from Durango. I might like Daniella’s a pinch more…more sampling must be needed!
The aroma is great! Earth clay and passionfruit up front.
Taste is superbly balanced and fun. There’s a little heat that I appreciate with some earthy and floral notes.
The finish is long and delicious. Great balance with this one!

Maguey Melate Inaequidens – Raul Pedraza Padilla

Oct 27, 2023

Good, not great for me. Nothing really stands out, but overall good.
Aroma was not pleasant at first. There was some funk that persisted and I did not like.
Taste is good with some heat and spice. It grew on me as I sipped.
The finish is short and ok. Score more like 2.75

Maguey Melate Inaequidens – Jose Rafael

Sep 24, 2023

Of the two Inaquidens for the last MM delivery, I liked this one more. I am liking the mezcal from Michoacan more and more. This was very balanced and nice to sip.
The aroma is ok with some good earth and fresh mint and thyme.
The taste is a little hot, slight brine and overall good.
The finish is medium in duration but good.

400 Conejos Espadin / Cuishe

Sep 4, 2023

Tasted at Baja Betty’s (San Diego) Agave club for August.
I was pleasantly surprised how much “better” this was than the Joven. So much more good flavors with added Cuishe.
Aroma-good campfire smoke and plenty of fruit–plum, cherries, and is that hibiscus? It’s like a Jamaica drink with smoke.
Taste–fairly thick and definitely oily. Taste has much more flavor than the Joven.
Finish–really good and long with all the good flavors (that IS hibiscus!) from the taste and aroma.
No bottle info. But the rep was one of the coolest cowboys around. He knew his stuff.

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