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Rogelio Martinez Cruz

Don Rogelio Martinez Cruz is Del Maguey’s mystery mezcalero who produces their Espadin Especial, Tobala, Wild Tepexate, and Wild Jabali. For many years, Del Maguey kept his identity secret to protect his agave fields, but now his name and image can be seen in their social media marketing.

This mezcalero cooks his agaves for 30 days. After the fire and heat subsides, the agaves begin to mold and “dry ferment”. This practice gives all of his mezcals signature flavors reminiscent of butter or even blue cheese. He often cooks multiple varieties of agaves together for efficiency and then ferments them separately. Don Rogelio has one still and four fermentation vats. Sugar cane and citrus trees are near his palenque and contribute flavors during the open-air fermentation process.

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