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Derrumbes Durango

Derrumbes Durango is made by Urial Simental with agave Cenizo. In this case agave Cenizo is referring to agave Durangesis.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:Derrumbes Mezcal
Mezcalero:Urial Simental
Town:Nombre de Dios
ABV: 45%
Website: http://specialitybrands.com/our-range/derrumbes/
About this mezcal

Derrumbes Durangois made with agave Cenizo (Durangesis) in Nombre de Dios, Durango. More and more mezcals continue to come out of Durango, and Nombre de Dios is establishing itself as a mezcal stronghold in the state. This mezcal was produced by maestro mezcalero Urial Simental, and it has a nice balance between sweet dark fruit flavors and minerality.

Derrumbes Mezcal

From Oaxaca to Michoacan and beyond, Derrumbes bottles many varieties of mezcal that are made using different agave and production methods. They have spirits from different states in Mexico, and they bottle some very small producers that are not available elsewhere.

6 reviews

4.2 of out 5 stars

GreenspointTexas on Dec 2, 2018

92 reviews

  • Overall:

Strange, interesting, odd. Leaning closer to 3.5 stars. Nose is incredible, but mid palate and finish are nothing like it.

The more i drink, the less I like it. Cant quite pur my finger on what is going on here

stepusin on Dec 2, 2018

17 reviews

  • Overall:

smell is sweet (fruity) and subtle, taste is light up front with a strong but very tasty linger.

Jonny on Nov 15, 2018

283 reviews

  • Overall:

Lot 5. Bottle 261/1600. 46.8%. Strong buttery and herbal aromas. The palate tastes almost like a sotol. It’s very grassy and barnyard-esque with hints of farm animals. Also lots of sweetness throughout the taste. Round on the palate with good viscosity. Very soft and delicate given the ABV. Highly enjoyable.

Tomixology on Aug 20, 2018

17 reviews

  • Overall:

One of the most fruit forward Mezcals I’ve had the pleasure of drinking.

A clear tone of fruits and caramelised sweets on the nose. Tastes of honeysuckle and spicy dark chocolate, with cheap tobacco smoke. Silky smooth finish, which is very palatable, rolls over the tongue. Beut!

Note: My bottles label is in Orange, reading left to right up the bottle, with a differing details in the labelling both front & back.

adan21 on May 6, 2018

1 review

  • Overall:

it has a sweet smell but its strong after you drink it best mezcal i have tried

razorbackmike on Jan 9, 2018

92 reviews

  • Overall:

very tasty!i give this one 4 and a half stars.the scent has hints of fruit and produce with an undertone of agave sweetness.the entry is very fruit forward (tropical) but in a very pleasant way.mid palate is sweet and floral.slight pepper and agave shines on the finish.silky with medium thickness.delicious!!!

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