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Nuestra Soledad San Luis del Rio

Jul 10, 2020

Sweet & classic espadin smell. Light butter, some bananas, but with acetone as well. Not too complex. Recently tried the D.M San Luis Del Rio and found that to be much more enjoyable. Price point is great though, and I would drink this neat, or use as a good mixer as there is some smoke & heat to it. Bonus points for the price.
Batch: RMCES100919NS, 1062/2300, 48% ABV, Javier Nolasco & Rafael Mendez

Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio

Jul 4, 2020

Green notes on smell. Sharp in beginning then with some smooth buttery, green pepper, and spice notes. Rotten bananas. Overall bright, but with slight acetone notes throughout, which docks it a half point. Very drinkable though, but as others have pointed out probably a bit on the expensive side for an espadín. 3.75
Lot: 181

Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec

Jun 19, 2020

Lote PUE-161 *Confirmed this is part of the first run, so is 100% A. Papalote* (Only in subsequent releases did DM incorporate the a. Pizorra).

Sweet on nose – some overripe fruit notes. Minerality and slight clay on finish. Overall very well rounded…slightly too much alcohol lingering at the end to my liking, but perhaps will mellow out a bit in time. Not quite the same as other tobalas I had with the typical sweetness (it’s a good thing). In my opinion, slightly better than the Chichicapa. 4.25 stars.

El Jolgorio Tobala

Jun 11, 2020

Harvest 2016, Edition 16, Bottle 857
Sweet on nose, and throughout, but with lots of green. Reminds me of a Tep… Notes of some clay, minerality, and with pink bubblegum on the finish. Deep, complex, and spicy, and not as sweet as other Tobalas. Brings some good heat as well. In general I’d love to try this again, and it tasted a lot more green and spicy and vegetal than expected. 4.25. (favorite EJ for me is still the Tepeztate…so far).
Tried different bottle, same edition. This one carries stronger notes of cream brûlée, umami flavor, some BBQ…more woody and meaty than sweet…so crazy how each bottle & edition can evolve. I’d probably rate this one closer to 4.

Origen Raiz Cenizo

Jun 7, 2020

Very unique! I wish I had more to try than just the 50ml bottle. Great smell with a wild taste. Is that grapes (or grape medicinal syrup maybe)? Overall really good, and leaves a full mouth feel and finish. This is my first cenizo as well, so definitely excited about trying more of these agave types (and first agave from Durango).

Follow-Up (01/2021): Batch 29CDIG02, 2019, Edition 08. Really ashy, and reminiscent of rye whiskey. Melon, more oak barrels, whiskey spice, burnt ash, brown sugar. Not as sweet to my memory as first review…this bottle is more of a 3.5 for me after a month into it.

Maguey Melate Espadilla/ Tobala – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Jun 5, 2020

Bottle 01 (and first review, hah). This is really good. The sweetness from the Tobala pairs excellent with the Mexicano/Espadilla. Sweetness on nose (and throughout), w/ some bananas & buttery notes. Lighter than I normally prefer, but still very well balanced with a great strong, smoky, and a bit minty, finish. Simply put, I have really enjoyed sipping this one the last few days.

Maguey Melate Tobaziche – Felix Cruz Angeles

Jun 5, 2020

This is definitely clay distilled. Funky throughout with minerality on the nose. Good heat and spice…smooth finish that lingers nicely with some heat in back of throat and on cheeks. Some sweetness and fruit notes which help compliment the earthiness. Still getting used to A. karwinskiis….not my favorite agave type, and not my favorite of this agave. FYI – the mezcalero is only 25, so I appreciate the ambitiousness with this one at such a relative young age. Bottle 326

El Silencio Espadin

May 31, 2020

One of the few .50 ml bottles out there, so easy and cheap to sample. Light buttery notes on the smell, as well as some tequila similarities. Sharp and bit of rubbing alcohol throughout taste. Definitely an espadin, and at the low price point this makes for a great mixer. Bit watery and reminded me of tequila if not for the smoke at the finish. Therefore giving an extra star for the price.

Rey Campero Tepextate

May 31, 2020

Classic tempeztate (probably why I like it so much). Green nose with jalapeño throughout. Peppers and “greens” hitting you directly in the nose & with first sip. Great body and sweet finish. Not as good as the El Jolgorio tepeztate, but this is my favorite of the R.C. mezcals (came in first in a blind taste test of 5x R.C.s). Lote: DS0074-T

Rey Campero Jabali

May 31, 2020

There is some good heat in here at a 49.2% ABV. It’s mixed well though with herbaceous notes and the right amount of smoke. This harmony of a ‘smack and a kiss’ creates a very balanced body and finish. First intro to Jabali, so definitely open to trying more of these rarely used agaves. Lote: DS009A-J.

Rey Campero Cuishe

May 31, 2020

One of my first intros to Cuishe. Super green on the nose, with a good bite. Smells of brown sugar. Herbaceous and strong with end tastes of green peppers & ‘old’ bananas. This came in 2nd behind the R.C Tep. in my blind tastes. Lote DS008B-C

Rey Campero Espadin

May 29, 2020

In a blind taste test of 5 different R.C. mezcals, I had no idea this was the espadin (an agave I was sure I could figure out). Complex, and actually quite unlike anything I’ve tasted. Ton of ‘movie butter’ on the nose. I got a bit of oaky/woodiness as well on the front taste, and the smoke at the end is welcomed. However this uniqueness wasn’t a great thing for for me. Still came in towards the bottom of my R.C. blind taste (ahead of the Mexicano), but on 2nd tasting I still find this to be a solid espadin at 3.5 stars. I would say if I want to sip a daily espadin and not break the bank, it would be hard to go wrong here. If I had a bit more money to spend however, I’d go for something else.
Lote: D5030-E.

Rey Campero Mexicano

May 29, 2020

Bit bright and sharp. Sweet notes on the nose and in the front taste. Tried this in a blind flight taste test with 5 other Rey Campero mezcals….came in at the bottom two (top two were the Tep. & Cuishe). Bit too much ethanol taste. Not bad by any means, but not really that great (especially compared to the others by R.C.). This is one of my first Mexicanos, so still getting that acquired taste to this specific agave (this reminds me of an espadin on initial taste). Lot: D5007-M, 48.2%.

GEM&BOLT Mezcal + Damiana

May 17, 2020

This seems to be one of the few mezcals that can be purchased in .50ml bottles (at Bevmo here in Cali)…makes it very economical to then try. With that said this doesn’t have much going on with it. The damiana adds a sweeter note I believe, especially noticed at the finish (Damiana is sweet by nature…can be used as a floater for margaritas). Bit nail polish on nose. Nothing really jumps out at me as outstanding. So not bad….just not really that good.

La Jicarita Tobala

May 16, 2020

Light smoke and sweetness on nose, with a strong & balanced finish. Sweet throughout, with complex fruit notes (hard to confirm exact ones). Some notes of ‘movie butter popcorn’ makes for a sweeter and clean taste. I picked this one up directly in Oaxaca.

Madre Espadin – Cuishe

May 15, 2020

Light on nose, with a good mix of sweet & smoky at the finish. I think the cuishe gives it a “softer” touch. Lightly briney with some fruitiness. There’s a unique taste from start to finish that is hard for me to confirm…maybe it’s the nail polishy / acetone taste I’ve seen from other comments…It’s something I haven’t tasted before, so am assuming it’s partly from the cuishe mix…also, not sure if that’s yet a good or bad thing. I have a whole bottle so I have until it’s finished to figure this one out….
Lot: 13B/2372

Fidencio Clasico

May 11, 2020

Sweet notes with a green ethanol on finish. Notes of burnt bananas. Overall good amount of smoke & round body. Great ‘bang for your buck’ sipping mezcal. Also have had great experience using this as a mixology ingredient.

Del Maguey Chichicapa

May 11, 2020

Great espadin! Strong nose (some BBQ in there) with sweet & complex finish. Notes of citrus & light berries throughout as well as something else I’m not able to place yet. All around solid sipping mezcal, and worth the ~$80 price tag. One of my first descriptions of sipping this one still rings true each time: “It punches you, then gives you a kiss”.
Lot: CHI-183

El Jolgorio Tepeztate

May 10, 2020

Wow! This mezcal powers you to notice it – strong notes of jalepeno on the nose. “Green” and herbaceous throughout the taste with notes of green bell peppers and some mint. Great balance of smoke and overall body. Complex and deep and damp and excellent! It could very well be worth the ~$150+ price tag. (I’ve been incorporating this in blind taste tests for friends/family, and hands down has been coming out the favorite…either it’s that good or I need better mezcals to compare 🙂 Harvest: 2017, Edition 19, Bottle 120/550.

Bozal Ensamble

May 10, 2020

Overall a pretty decent ensemble. Big finish with spiciness lingering on the tongue. Decent balance, body, and smoke. Will revisit again.
This is a great bang for your buck mezcal….hits well above it’s weight class. Cream, pepper, spice…some green buried down in there…little too smoky but not a problem for $40. Originally rating of 3.5 is still applicable.

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