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5 Sentidos Sierra Negra-Tobala

Feb 7, 2021

Super interesting ensamble. Nose smells like candy and cream with a bit of funk. Palate really brings out that candy note and turns up the fruitiness with cantaloupe and pineapple. Long herbal and slightly fruity finish.

Bozal Cuixe

Feb 7, 2021

I love karwinskiis but this one isn’t for me. The nose is cigarette ash and artificial sweetener. Palate is smoky and vegetal but ruined by a hard to place artificial/chemical note that reminds me of burning rubber. The long, mineral-forward and vegetal finish is the best part of this mezcal but again tainted by that artificial note.

El Jolgorio Jabali

Feb 7, 2021

Edition 03, Ignacio Parada, 2018. Black Bottle 94/275, 50.3% ABV.

My desert island mezcal and probably the most complex I’ve ever tasted. I could smell this forever…like another reviewer said, the nose is like black pepper cologne in the best way possible. Full-bodied palate explodes with different flavors including black pepper, hatch chiles, dried pineapple, and sandalwood. Super complex and rich yet dangerously drinkable. Medium-long finish of black pepper and something that reminds me of pineapple upside-down cake. Incredible Jabali and my favorite of the EJ offerings.

Rezpiral Tobasiche – Simeon & Apolonio

Feb 7, 2021

Series 5 by Simeon & Apolonio Ramirez. 52.5% ABV.

Nose is rugged karwinskii: earth, minerals, and a bit of ash. once you get past a bit of upfront acetone, taste is sweeter, richer and juicier than expected with coconut/peanut, lime, an herbaceousness that’s hard to place, and clay and mineral flavor. minerality. Nice medium-long finish. This is an excellent rich and bold tobasiche.

Rezpiral Jabali – Leonardo Hernandez

Mar 4, 2020

Series 4 by Leonardo. 49% ABV.

Solid Jabali. Nose is smoked meat and charred roasted tomatoes. Palate is powerful with pickled tomatoes, wet stone, cantaloupe, and iodine smoke, with a bit of acetone. Medium to long finish of more savory/pickled vegetables, wet stone, melon, and smoke. A very flavorful savory Jabali that is held back a little bit by having a stronger acetone note than most.

Rezpiral Mexicano / Tepextate – Berta Vasquez

Mar 4, 2020

Series 4 by Berta Vasquez. 49% ABV.

Awesome stuff and my favorite out of the Rezpiral line so far. Nose is full of wet stone and pickled jalapenos. Palate is complex and perfectly balanced with jalapeno, minerality, brininess, and more sweetness than expected. Extremely enjoyable long finish of wet stone, roasted green vegetables, and a tanginess/sourness that’s hard to place. Highly recommend!

Rezpiral Espadin – Berta Vasquez

Mar 4, 2020

Series 2 by Berta Vasquez. Bottle 40/300, 48.4% ABV.

Nose is wood smoke and citrus with a faint creaminess/cheesiness. Palate is pleasantly full bodied with notes of melons, lime, and more wood smoke. Interesting mix of sweet and savory. Short to medium length finish of roasted agave and a bit more of that creamy flavor. Not super complex but very well rounded, enjoyable and easy to drink.

Real Minero Barril, Cuishe

Nov 21, 2019

Lot ARMBC-01 from 2018 by Edgar Angeles Carreno. Bottle 236/245, 53.3% ABV.

Another hit from Real Minero. Nose is grassy and slightly citrusy with no acetone, really hiding its 53% ABV. Palate is full-bodied and complex with flavors of freshly cut grass, dark chocolate, coconut, and pine. Perfectly balanced and drinks well below its proof. Medium long finish of forest floor and minerals. Terrific blend of Barril and Mexicano.

Real Minero Largo

Nov 21, 2019

Lot RML-07 from 2017 by Edgar Angeles Carreno. 427/766, 48.9% ABV.

All time favorite. Incredible nose of peanut candy and forest floor. Creamy, complex palate with more of those delicious peanut candy notes, but also dried fruit, citrus, pine and mint. Jam packed with flavor while maintaining a great balance of sweet and savory. Unbelievably long finish that lasts for minutes with peanut, coconut, pine, and a hint of minerality. Unique karwinskii and a desert island mezcal for me.

El Jolgorio Tobala

Nov 21, 2019

Edition 16 from 2016 by Gregorio M. Garcia. Bottle 412/1050, 47% ABV.

Favorite Tobala I’ve tried to date. Highly aromatic nose with notes of ripe fruit, pine sap, honey, and pollen. Palate is sweet and delicate with more ripe fruit and honey without any of the funkiness you sometimes find in Tobala, Pleasantly viscous mouthfeel for 47%. Highly enjoyable medium length finish of flowers and honey with a slight soapy note. Complex and dangerously easy to drink.

El Jolgorio Cenizo (A. Karwinskii)

Nov 21, 2019

Edition 02 from 2018 by Ignacio Parada. Black Bottle 61/800, 52.5% ABV.

High intensity Cenizo Karwinskii. Nose is savory green vegetables and wet rocks. Palate is exactly like other reviewers describe – robust like roasted asparagus and bell peppers and turns minty and stony at the end. Surprising amount of sweetness that brings all the flavors together. Long, savory finish with high minerality. I love karwinskiis and this is a superb example that packs a punch.

El Jolgorio Arroqueño

Nov 20, 2019

Edition 09 from 2018 by Pedro Vasquez. Black Bottle 233/264, 53% ABV.

Excellent powerful arroqueno. Nose a little hot with heavy notes of tropical fruit as other reviewers have noted. Palate follows through with more rich tropical fruit like bright green mango, plus an earth and mineral note. Full bodied but not hot. Complex finish of fruit and earth but shorter than expected considering how much flavor the palate packed. Delicious and highly drinkable like turbocharged Espadin!

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