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Vago Ensamble en Barro

Nov 22, 2023

52.3% abv, Lot S-19-EBCSNM-20

Review #99: Nose has leather, cinnamon, apple, raisins, tobacco, and a dusty earthiness. Palate has more of the cinnamon covered apples, raisins, leather, sweet tobacco, lime, champagne, a bit metallic, and the finish has a dusty earth and clay minerality.

This is a solid bottle and one of my firsts. I found it a bit hard to judge for a while until about halfway through. It took time for me to get those fruit notes, but the really shine with the dusty earth, cinnamon, and leather. This was a predominantly espadin forward batch so i look forward to trying more variable batches in the future.

Maguey Melate Ensamble – Lorenzo & Tomas Virgen

Nov 22, 2023

Review #98: The nose is so pungent, with lots of strawberries and cream, pineapple, minty toothpaste, bubblegum, butyric acid, puke, the crap you pick out of your toenails, rotting wood, cotton candy, parmesan, and a grungy car shop. The palate has more strawberries and cream, a big dollop of mint toothpaste, cotton candy, bubblegum, parmesan, butyric acid, and lasting acidity like pineapple on the finish.

I’m going to start off saying, and I’m surprised noone else has, this has so much butyric. A mix of what you pick out from under your toenails and puke. The aromas seriously travel across an entire room and the further they travel, the more the butyric dominates. It’s 100% a mood pour and there’s so much I like about it but this is just weird. Love the juicy fruity profile this has and although I’m sensitive to the butyric I find myself mostly enjoying it with the rest of the profile. This is wild stuff and it’s really hard for me to rate. This honestly feels oddly like a 3/5 and a 5/5 at the same time for me, so I’ll meet myself in the middle here.

Alipus San Luis

Nov 22, 2023

47.1% abv, lot SLR009/17

Review #97: Nose is full of blueberry, cotton candy, grape candy, candied rose, melons, wet granite, salt, and roasted brussel sprouts. The palate has more grape candy, lemon, vanilla, melons, rose, salty minerality, and some smoke on the finish.

This is awesome for the price. Really big and bright aromas and flavors with a moderate complexity. Realistically, this is around as good as it gets for this price point. There’s minor astringency and enough smoke for the flavors to be a touch harsh, but other than that this is really great and probably something I’ll keep on hand

Creador Mexicano

Nov 13, 2023

49.2% abv, batch JAME1122
This sample was provided to me free of charge with no strings attached.

Review #96: Nose is bold. Cream cheese icing, vinegar, bbq sauce, raisin, plum, wine-y, cheddar jalapeno chips, and tart cherry. Palate has spoiled honeydew, vinegar, cooked fruits like cherry, raisin, plum, very wine like, earthy, cinnamon cake, and dark chocolate with a long finish.

I love this one. It reminds me so much of wine. The mix of fruits, the vinegar, the earthy notes, they all are coming together make this extraordinary. There’s such a punch of that tartness up front with a dark base that i really dig. Hands down my favorite of the creador samples that i had the pleasure of trying.

Creador Lumbre + Espadin

Nov 13, 2023

48.3% abv, JAEN1122
This sample was provided to me free of charge with no strings attached.

Review #95: nose has pine, forest floor, cotton candle, vanilla, lemon oil, paint, orange oils, lemongrass, and lemon scented sharpie. Palate is more paint, cream, fresh orange, wet clay, raspberry, lemongrass, moss, and black pepper.

There are a lot of similarities that you can notice in this from the lumbre and espadin. I think the lumbre notes are more dominant here, adding to the soft nature of everything. It’s just missing some of my more favorable notes i found in the lumbre and espadin seperately. I found this to lack intensity but it’s flavors are definitely very enjoyable.

Creador Espadin Capon

Nov 13, 2023

48.4% abv, batch JAEC1122
This sample was provided to me free of charge with no strings attached.

Review #94: Nose has overripe banana, cherry, chalk, sweet grass, cream, sweet tart, vanilla, milk chocolate, charred wood, and cooked potato. Palate has cinnamon, red hots candy, chocolate, leather, wood, vanilla, sweet smoke, toasted nuts, hemp seed, cherry, earthy, and cooked potato.

This is some good stuff. Really fun savory notes i get on this like the nuts, seeds, and especially the potato. A good balance of sweet and tart flavors from the fruits with the darker earthy notes really add a lot of great complexity to this. Lots going on here as it opens up in the glass as well.

Creador Lumbre

Nov 13, 2023

48.3% abv, batch JALU1122
This sample was provided to me free of charge with no strings attached.

Review #93: nose is delicate with fresh wall paint, cream, tire rubber, lemon oil, perfumey, cotton, sweet leather, sweet tobacco, and a salty minerality. The palate has a noticeably soft mouthfeel. Cream, paint, clay, cotton, powdered sugar, vanilla, lemon oils, sweet mint, green apple, and a salty minerality.

This is a very easygoing pour with nicely delicate and soft flavors and aromas. The nose and palate are a bit light for my personal preferences, but it’s objectively very well done and quite pretty. The mouthfeel has absolutely no alcohol burn and the flavors meld together very well. A good one to drink and relax.

Mal Bien Madrecuixe – Ramos

Nov 12, 2023

47.9% abv, batch 0122VtR

Review #92: nose is sweet leather, wax, metallic, light earthiness, a touch of fresh cut wood, tons of sweet florals, powdery perfume, and canteloupe. Palate is corn, burnt peach, fresh cantaloupe, orange oils, more florals, sweet mint, and some carmelized veggies on the finish.

Very easygoing and a bit delicate. Really good flavors overall but they are definitely on the softer side with the florals as the main note on the nose, and a rather light and sweet palate. I could easily drink this all day.

Banhez Arroqueño

Nov 12, 2023

47% abv, 08/18 distillation date, lote BOO15AR4719

Review #91: Nose is cotton, mild florals, milk, leather, and old wood. Palate is vanilla, cotton, caramel, milk, vanilla, leather, weird musty funk, almonds, and milk chocolate.

This is a sneaky one, and I didn’t really like it at first. Although it is kind of mild in flavor and aroma, it has a nice savory aspect that i enjoy. It needed some time to open up and my palate to adjust to it, but as it does it really glows up. It’s really easygoing and soft too.

Banhez Tobala

Nov 12, 2023

47% abv, 12/18 distillation date, lote B0013TO4719

Review #90: Nose is very fruity with strawberry, lemonade, orange juice, and sweet florals. Palate follows it all with strawberry, lemonade, mango, peach, watermelon, lychee, and orange.

Fruit bomb! Holy cow, every time I tried looking for more than just fruits on this, I kept coming back to write down another fruit. It’s really juicy and delicious. Not too sweet either, it’s like a bunch of fresh fruits. Throw complexity out the window because I don’t care that this doesn’t really have it, this is still a delight to drink.

Banhez Cuishe

Nov 12, 2023

47% abv, 04/19 distillation date, lote B0019CU4719

Review #89: nose has bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, and milk chocolate. Palate has bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, lime, vanilla, milk chocolate, mint, and on the finish there is pine, cinnamon, bitter herbs.

Really nice expression of cuish. A lot of fruits show up with a good balance of more bitter notes surrounding it and leading into the finish. The downside is the moderate intensity of these flavors, as it’s a bit mild overall. Overall though this is pretty enjoyable

Balam Raicilla del Llano

Nov 12, 2023

40% abv, batch AR-V-18

Review #88: Nose is evergreen, mint candy, apple, and light florals. Palate has some weird chemicals, slightly creamy, floral, apple, cinnamon, and pear.

What’s really hurting this is the abv. It’s just too light overall. The flavors are good but they are not present enough to be enjoyable. If this were at a slightly higher proof like their other offerings i think it would be a solid offering.

Balam Raicilla Costa

Nov 12, 2023

47% abv, batch RR-X-18

Review # 87: Nose is ashy, green banana, asparagus, and cinnamon red hots. Palate has vanilla, green banana, cigarette smoke, dry dirt, cinnamon red hots, and smoked jalapeño.

I must say, at 1 star on here at the time of writing this i was expecting the worst and I did not find that. The flavors were decent and the off notes weren’t too bad. It was a bit light on flavor the ashy notes were a bit brash, but i found this alright.

Balam Sotol Durango

Nov 12, 2023

47% abv, Batch RS-IV-19

Review #86: nose is full of bubblegum, mint, pine, strawberry, and cream. Palate is mostly the same with strawberry, cream, lavender, rose, then on the finish is cinnamon, sweet mint and some pine.

As James said, this is full on bubblegum. I do get some moderate mint on this though that i find really strange. It’s almost sickly sweet like there is actually sugar in it. I like it but also i dont like it. There are definitely mixed feelings on this one.

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra

Nov 12, 2023

46.82% abv, batch SN04-22 US

Review #85: Nose has bright orange oils and orange juice, tart pineapple, fresh mango, and sweet cream. The palate is fresh cream, mango, and juicy orange up front, then mid palate is fresh tobacco, sweet grassiness, carmelized squash, peach, rotten wet wood, mango skin, and then the finish has some clay and wet soil.

This is just so complex and full of flavor. A nice fruit bomb on the nose with a nice contrast showing up on the palate of sweet tobacco and vegetals with a funky earthy stuff going on. The aromas really pop out of the glass too. Really, really great

Cinco Sentidos Ancho

Nov 8, 2023

45.7% abv, batch ANXCH 04-21b

Review #83: Nose has canteloupe, mango, cheesecake, graham cracker, coffee bean, old wood, milk chocolate. Palate show more coffee beans, mango, toasted nuts, rose, floral honey, milk chocolate, and earthy. Finish is a bit short but a decent stone minerality.

Yet another cupreata that I’m in love with. So savory with bursts of fruits. Lots of that chocolate, coffee, and nuttiness as the base notes with really pretty fruity and floral top notes. There’s something about that makes me think it’s like a really fancy dessert. The only thing that unfortunately holds this back is the length of the finish, it just falls a bit flat. That’s okay though, just keep drinking more and then you won’t even care to notice.

Cinco Sentidos Delgado y Ancho

Nov 8, 2023

47.7% abv, batch ADXCH03-20

Review #83: nose has strawberry, cherry, peach, mango, cream, bubblegum, mint, herbs, and pine.
Palate is full of creamy fruits like peach, strawberry, cherry, bubblegum, and on the finish is pine, mint, licorice, and bitter herbs.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about this. It’s unbelievably fruity. It makes your mouth water smelling it. The palate is such a burst of flavor. Even the smallest little sips are a flavor bomb, it is so rich. The herbal notes really take this to the next level though with their added complexity and lengthened finish. I will love to see more to come from this cooperative.

Mal Bien Papalote Capón – Barranca

Nov 8, 2023

48% abv, batch 1021JB

Review #82: nose has strawberry, grass, green grape, clean carpet, sour melon, and a bit of wet animal fur.
Palate is full of more sour strawberry, fresh grass, green grape, sour underripe melon, cinnamon, and the finish has a musty graininess.

Very good stuff with just a touch of funk. Lovely mix of fruits on this and it is balanced with a fresh sweet grass. The funk is mild but serves as a nice carrier of the fruit notes. The palate has a unique finish which i really enjoyed too. Overall this is a very cool pour and solidifies my papalote love

Maguey Melate Cupreata – Erasto Celerino Moreno

Nov 8, 2023

Review #81: nose is full of fresh fruits, apple, cantaloupe, lemon, sweet sharpie, blueberry skins, ocean air, lemongrass, rosemary, and as it opens up i get wood and a chocolate dusting.
Palate is a bit delicate with more apple, mix of melons, sweet woodiness, lemongrass, basil and the finish has dry rosemary and a touch dark chocolate.

I find this to be delicate and composed. Everything is working in harmony with a beautiful arrangement of fruits and mild base notes of bitterness from the herbs and chocolate. This is an easygoing no frills pour. I didn’t find anything necessarily stood out, but everything going on is well put together. It’s just a bit too delicate to really put this into super interesting territory for me, but delicious nonetheless.

Maguey Melate Cupreata – Benigno Sánchez Gatica

Nov 8, 2023

Review #80: The nose has rubber, fresh hay, plastic ball pit, leather, just a weird funk, wildflowers, honeydew, watermelon jolly ranchers, sour gummy bears. On the palate i get plastic, candle wax, watermelon candy, gummy bears, fresh honeydew, lemongrass, juicy cucumber, and black pepper on the finish.

My, oh my. This is so weird. I side by sided with a couple other papalote and this really stood out. Very strong nose on this. A sweet old plastic aroma mixed in with an array of fruits really dominates your nose. That might not sound too good on paper, but i find it intoxicating just to smell. The nose may even be my favorite part of it. But the palate is no slouch either, with those same mouth watering fruits and a juiciness to all of it, like biting into a fresh watery cucumber. I’ve had a good amount of cupreata at this point and this one takes the cake for me. Side note, my partner was not a big fan in the side by side, so i can imagine some “off notes” being too much for people, but i found this delightful and strange.

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