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Machetazo Cupreata

Mar 5, 2020

this mezcal has a nose of dairy and it comes through on the palate.i agree with another reviewer about the strong parmesan but its not offensive to me.i will admit that i couldnt sip on it all night but i think its tasty in small amounts.a little goes a long way.there are notes of mint and some nice hints of sugar.the finish has no smoke but is pleasant.better than average mezcal and great price point.this is the 90 proof.

Noble Coyote Tobala

Feb 10, 2020

very good.i didnt get the chocolate note that one reviewer noted but i think we all decipher things in our own way (which is good).there was a distinct sweet quality that reminded me of cotton candy.it was full flavor without being heavy.no burn and pleasant smoke on the finish.great value and one that would be easy to sip on all evening.

El Mero Mero Tobala

Jan 27, 2020

the tep of this brand was earthy but this tobala was VERY earthy (in a great way)!there is nothing artificial about this mezcal.the nose is like being in a greenhouse.the entry is soft with reserved sweetness.its so delicious without having to be sugary.flavors open with produce and mineral and the earth goes all the way to a lingering slight black pepper finish.i think this is a great example of how a natural mezcal should taste.i cant help but think that the flavor will only deepen and improve with this fresh bottle.very fond of this brand and the price is a steal!

El Mero Mero Tepextate

Jan 23, 2020

very nice tep!i agree with another reviewer about the minerality.the nose has some sweetness but is very earthy (like garden soil).the entry is soft,sweet and lots of mineral.its a natural sweetness that seems like a clover honey.mid way the agave really stands out.the finish is fantastic.it has that green bell pepper/veggie tep quality and a pleasant sweet linger.just like the espadin of this same brand,the finish is the best part.again i think its because this mezcalero does not use water in the proofing.it gives the mezcal a wonderful quality.these are small batch mezcals and can be hard to find but worth seeking out.i have just purchased the tobala and will review that soon.

Real Minero Cuishe

Nov 11, 2019

this was a bottle i had opened last year.i was hoping that time would mellow this mezcal but not much had changed.it is a quality mezcal but a slight let down compared to the other mezcals from this label.it is labeled as cuihe but this refers to a mexicano or close relative.the nose doesnt offer much but slight smell of agave.the entry is harsh.i like mezcals that have a bite (like the vago) and some heat but you can have that quality without being harsh.that is the only complaint i have about this bottle.once the heat fades there are dark chocolate notes with black pepper and a delicious mineral finish.if it had a little more smoothness, it would be an easy 4 star.UPDATE 4/24/19.i decided to revisit this mezcal.i took the top off and let it sit for a few hours.wow! this bottle really mellowed out.more sweet layers emerged.one reviewer mentioned bananas and that sweet quality came out.silky texture and finish!4 and half stars.delightful!

El Mero Mero Espadin

Nov 11, 2019

this mezcal was one that i had to try more than once to appreciate.it gains complexity with time.the first wiff is not that distinct but really opens up after a minute or two.the smell is mix of licorice and espadin.there is a hint of licorice on the entry with up front agave sweetness.midway are notes of sea salt, buckwheat honey and slight citrus.the finish has good smoke and a medium linger.it seems more enjoyable and more complex each time i sample.this one is a sleeper and a very good bargain.i think the fact that no water is used in the proofing gives this spirit a beautiful quality.it seems hard to find this brand but worth seeking out.would love to try the tobala and tepextate.

Mal Bien Tobaxiche

Nov 11, 2019

this has that wow factor!i didnt get much on the nose.the aroma is spicy and sweet and slight.the first impression is a spicy hot chocolate with green veggies on the tongue.mid way there are multiple layers of different spices mixed with cinnamon.the agave is presnt on the finish with mild smoke.this is very silky with no bite and its 54%!the ramos family make fantastic mezcals.any bottle with there name on it is going to be top shelf.wonderful mezcal!UPDATE : i now call this mezcal the assassin !!! ididnt think you could improve on a 5 star rating but this bottle just keeps improving! the layers get more complex with spice and retains a deep sweetness.it never reveals its 54% abv until its too late! one of the best bottles i have ever had.

Mal Bien Arroqueno – Cortes

Oct 17, 2019

this is really good mezcal.upon first opening the bottle,the nose was reserved.it seemed to open up after a few days.if you put a few drops in your palm and rub your hands together,the scent is wondeful.very floral and sweet.i do agree with another reviewer in the sense that it is lacking in complexity but that isnt a bad quality.i havent had many arroquenos but the ones i have are simplistic.the flavor is sweet with vanilla and slightly vegetal with a hint of smoke.it is exceptionally clean with no bite.i would never guess that it is 51% abv.the quality is top notch.this mezcalero is known for the mezcalosfera label and thats what convinced me to try it.my bottle label is one of the misprints that indicates the content is karwinski though it should be americana.the finish is short and very pleasant.almost a five star.lovely!

5 Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano

Mar 4, 2019

absolute bliss!very few spirits are sublime but this one fits the desciption!. the nose is rich with coco,spice,fresh baked bread and poblano.the entry is sweet with strong agave and the taste expands to include the mole and savory chicken.the poblano stands out and on the finish are notes of molasses and cinnamon.each of the flavors really stand out but are all balanced.the texture is like syrup.it is silky and the finish is long.i would give it 6 stars if possible!one of the best i have tasted!

Sacacuento Tobala

Feb 21, 2019

i was excited to try this because i really enjoyed the joven and extra anejo from this brand.i had to search the internet to find it and perhaps my expectation was too high.it is a good mezcal but fell short of excellence.the nose is weak with hints of agave.the flavor was earthy tobala but was also weak.some mild sweetness on the finish but lacking detail.the cost was 120.00 and i was expecting more.to be fair,i sampled this shortly after opening the bottle.i have found that time will open up flavors.i will try again and update if it has changed. UPDATE 6-7-19 :wow! this blossomed wonderfully.very floral with sweet fruit flavors.cherry,apple and different assorted melon flavors.finish has a hint of smoke with a medium length and honey sweetness.exceptional!!!

Derrumbes Michoacan

Feb 21, 2019

the least favorite of this label.nose is average and comparable to any mezcal that would be on the inexpensive price range.i get smoke and bittersweet agave on the tongue and not much else.not offensive but would not be my 1st,2nd or 3rd choice. UPDATE 2-29-20. i saw this bottle in the back of my closet and had not been touched in a year or more.when i opened the bottle it was a completely different mezcal! the nose came to life with notes of melon and vanilla.the taste reminded me of the sweet tart candy called spree.the finish was mild,sweet with pleasant smoke.once again,it proves that time can change a mezcal and this was a vast improvement.

Mezcalosfera Espadin con Cacao – Margarito Cortés

Feb 18, 2019

this brand is always a pleasure.it isnt the best of this label but it is very tasty.there is no mistaking the espadin smell and the chocolate aroma is reserved.the taste is very sweet and the bittersweet dark chocolate is up front.midway is when the espadin flavor comes in.the finish is a beautiful mix between the two.i dont really detect other distinct flavors but what you get is gentle (in spite of the high proof),sweet,and full flavored.this is worthy of praise. it is a chocolate lovers mezcal.

Metiche 49

Feb 1, 2019

this is very good mezcal.4 and a half stars.the nose has lots of spice and black pepper.the initial taste is rich with agave sweetness.it morphs into a dairy quality that reminds me of a spicy cheese dip.i get a similar taste with the derrumbes potosi.i assume this is a flavor profile of agave salmiana but have had only two salmiana mezcals.the finish has no smoke with green peppers and agave sweetness.it might not be for everyones taste but i found it to be very enjoyable and a great price point.excellent quality.i value mezcals that are unique.

5 Sentidos Madrecuixe – Atenogenes García

Nov 9, 2018

amazing mezcal!very strong notes of fresh mint up front.the taste blossoms into a sweet vegetal fruity mix that is never dominated by a flavor but continues to revolve.it is a well defined karwinski but it goes a step beyond.long sweet finish with hints of smoke.outstanding!for the longest time i considered the vago madre the king of the hill when it came to this agave.it is still one of my favorites but this one seems to have an extra gear!the nose seems to match the flavors but it has a musty funk under the other smells.beautiful!

Mezcalosfera Bicuixe/ Madrecuixe/ Verde – Emanuel Ramos

Oct 23, 2018

wow!this one has a very deep, dark semi sweet quality.the nose is spicy and dry.the initial taste is mushrooms,mild black pepper and potato.the agave sweetness opens mid-way but is reserved.the finish lingers with leather and spicy tobacco.complex,savory and delicious!

Bozal Coyote

Oct 15, 2018

almost a 5 star!savory and vegetal to start.mid way opens to semi sweet dark chocolate,earth and clay.the finish has mild spices that i cant define.it is complex and has different layers that are subtle.it has some sweetness but is not one of the sweeter mezcals.it is delicious and unique.the price for the quality is good.4 and a half stars.

Lalocura San Martinero

Oct 10, 2018

BEAUTIFUL!this is the first of this brand i have tried.very expensive but i found out where my money went on the first sip.outstanding and it seems that a strong berry flavor is a common thread with this line after i read the reviews.it is soft-candy with strawberry and blueberry notes.no harshness.full flavor from start to finish and the taste lingers for a moment.it doesnt have the earth tones that are the usual for a karwinski.no smoke that i could detect.very fruity with some clay.this was also my first sanmartin.a true treat !

Bruxo No. 2 Pechuga de Maguey

Sep 26, 2018

this is one i didnt give credit to at first.freshly opened and seemed like a good but average mezcal.personality of an espadin.it sat on my shelf for about a year and decided to give it a second try.wow!it really picked up a lot of complex notes.the nose had faint smoke over grilled fruit.the entry was vanilla and sweet pepper and mid way there were citrus notes of orange and lemon.the agave was expressed more on the finish and very silky.i am repeating myself but a mezcal can really change for the better after the bottle has been opened and the bottle has rested.so if you have a mezcal that you werent impressed with and its been sitting in a cabinet for a while….. give it another try!

Bruxo No. 5 Tobala

Aug 22, 2018

very soft mezcal.not the typical tobala flavor but does have the same personality.subtle sweetness with earthy potato.clay notes mid way with a gentle finish.i didnt get much smoke and it was different from other tobalas.a pleasant linger on the tongue.very good but i think the barrill made by this brand is fantastic.

Leyendas Tobala (Puebla)

Aug 13, 2018

was expecting more for the price (100.00).good mezcal.fruit forward.taste of cantelope honeydew and some notes of mixed berries.slight agave on the finish.very light.pleasant taste but not outstanding.doesnt have a strong tobala profile.

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