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Union Uno

The families that produce Mezcal Union Uno have three generations experience as their main craft and it shows. There aren’t many finer Mezcals (if any) at this price.

Rating: (15 reviews)
Brand:Union Mezcal
Mezcalero:Pedro Hernandez
Agave:Barril, Cirial, Espadin
Town:San Baltazar Guélavila
ABV: 40%
Age of plant: 8-20 years
Website: http://www.mezcalunion.com/
About this mezcal

Mezcal Unión Uno uses farm-grown Espadin agave and wild Cirial agave. This agave is cut and roasted for four days. The families that produce Union have three generations experience as their main craft and it shows.  This is a low-cost, high-value Mezcal.  There are not many finer Mezcals (if any) at this price point. Earlier batches of Union Uno contained a third agave: Barril.

Union Mezcal

Union is one of the most commonly found mezcals. They are at the forefront of sustainable agave farming, which is a growing concern for the industry. They also put a heavy emphasis on paying their mezcaleros and others who work on their production very well. Their story says that when starting the company, an old man told them that the future of mezcal would be based on a UNIÓN. That's how they named the company, and that's how they decided to make a mezcal that featured different producer families. Though Pedro Hernandez is their master mezcalero, each bottle is produced by a union of Oaxacan families. There may be slight variations of flavor from batch to batch. In February of 2017, Mezcal Union signed a distribution agreement with Diageo. The agreement keeps the ownership of Union in the hands of its founders, while opening the doors to a wider distribution network.

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15 reviews

3.9 of out 5 stars

Ben_MezcalBrothersFR on Dec 1, 2018

8 reviews

  • Overall:

Aside from Koch Espadin, this is my everyday Mezcal. Much gentler on the palate due to its lower ABV (40° in France) this nice balance between Espadin and Cirial give you everything you want for a sipping Mezcal. Light peppery notes, a bit of freshness and the kick of earthy and smoky feelings that should linger but not overwhelm your palate in any Mezcal.
Definitely a must for beginners and any Smoky Paloma fan out there !

MezcalOneRock on Oct 31, 2018

3 reviews

  • Overall:

Still the most well rounded, easy to drink Mezcal. Perfect for introducing someone to this delicious spirit.

Hörky Båmf on Jul 16, 2018

16 reviews

  • Overall:

Quickly becoming my everyday-anytime favorite. Commonly available, budget friendly, approachable, good flavor, slightly sweet finish. Best basic mezcal that I’ve found so far at this price point. I really want to try the Viejo.

namespayne on Jan 5, 2018

4 reviews

  • Overall:

Buttery vanilla sweetness and floral notes with plenty of smoke. The finish trails off a little soon, and there’s a tendency towards burning alcohol, but not too often and not harsh. Easy sipper, quite good, but not knock-your-socks-off good. Perfect starter.

razorbackmike on Nov 9, 2017

92 reviews

  • Overall:

very nice.vanilla bean and mild black pepper.smooth entry and finish .good mezcal at any price but at 35.00 a bottle,it is a steal.very good sipper.easy to sip on all evening.

David M on Mar 22, 2017

  • Overall:

Great Mezcal for those whom starting the journey into the Mezcal world.
Well balanced, not to smoky, nice fresh and spicy finish !

Tyler on Dec 12, 2016

256 reviews

  • Overall:

Enjoyable mezcal and very well-priced. My top recommended mezcal for those new to the spirit. It’s used in cocktails but decent to sip which makes it versatile. There are notes of vanilla, pine, and citrus. Certain batches have contained barril agave but the ones I’ve tasted are just espadin and cirial at an 90/10 blend. Very smooth and retains nice flavors at 40% ABV. Lot MKU059.

For the price and consistent quality it’s a four star mezcal.

rsidrys on Nov 2, 2016

16 reviews

  • Overall:

Used mostly for cocktails, though pleasant enough to sip on. Had the usual smoky agave earthiness with pine and citrus as the standout features – perhaps from the Cirial agave that was blended in with the Espadin.

If I could, I’d rate it just below 3 (like a 2.8), because it did seem to lack balance and reminded me too much of Pine-Sol (see pine and citrus reference).

Cassidy on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

For someone who doesn’t drink mezcal, this was great! Very smooth.

Sandy on Sep 17, 2016

11 reviews

  • Overall:

Union is a great go to Mezcal. I love sharing it with friends that are trying Mezcal for the first time!

Mary Batchelor on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

This is a nice, smooth, sipping mezcal. I like to start with a mezcal like Union Joven before moving on to others.

Chris O on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

Smokey mezcal. Good price point for the product. Would order this again.

Matt Bayuk on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

A brilliant, simple, mezcal. This is a great sipper for a nice relaxing evening… Very clean, mellow, and a light touch of fruit.

Jordan on Sep 17, 2016

  • Overall:

Excellent smoky taste, that’s easy to drink. Perfectly paired with oranges or other citrus fruit.

Jonny on Sep 17, 2016

283 reviews

  • Overall:

Union Joven is a staple in most bars in Texas. I see it everywhere and it’s a great mixer. I’ve also been drinking it neat for several years, and have found that it is very soft and enjoyable. For the price, this is a great mezcal. The blend of agave make this a very easy choice.

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