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Bosscal Damiana

May 16, 2024

Lot 01 42% Damiana sampled on five 16 2024. Aromas out of the bottle are very green and grassy very herbal and little touch of smoke at the end very well balanced I really like the smell of this. Lots of Citrus and Pine and other sour tropical fruits. Flavors follow but with a little Funk and some grassy herbal flowering us that I am assuming comes with the damiana flower this is quite delicious. After drinking this for a while it reminds me of chalk flavored Tums anti-acids. Lots of lime kefir lime and other tart flavors.

Hacienda de Bañuelos Masparillo

May 13, 2024

Lote 15 year 2018 bottle 902/1380 45.5%. Aromas out of the bottle are sweet rotten fruit in the best of ways very candy like no smoke almost no alcohol Aromas present. Flavors follow with more roasted tropical fruit and some brown coffee like flavors and also flavors of toasted fruits I can’t believe the low scores on this this stuff is absolutely delicious. After a few more Taste of this I’ll need to edit my review I get all kinds of vegetable candy so fresh and clean this is one of the most unique Mezcal I’ve had in a long time and I certainly do appreciate it. What do people think this is also been sitting in glass for almost 6 years how does that affect the flavors I really do like this vintage. After the bottle airs out a bit strong cinnamon and tobacco leaf come on pretty heavily quite delightful

Rezpiral Espadin Capon – Aureliano Hernandez

May 1, 2024

Series 7 batch may 2022 49.2% Aromas out of the bottle or heavy sweet brown musk and Agave sweetness a lot of green texture and tropical ripe fruit. Flavors follow with a nice thick mouth feel and clean finish excellent.

Don Amado Tobala & Bicuishe

May 1, 2024

Lote 60 bottle 1294 / 1780 46% Aromas out of the bottle or heavy brown Agave Light alcohol amazing texture and smoke. Excellent Brown ripe fruit so smooth and creamy is amazing.

Leyendas Ancho (Guerrero)

Apr 29, 2024

LotsGPRL2517 45% sampled on 4/28/2024 Aromas out of the bottle are green pepper salinity ocean water and a slight green Agave flavor no smoke no alcoholic Aroma either strong green flavors. Okay the flavors are absolutely amazing I do like a good Copreata very tropical and green like fresh cut grass and papaya this is amazing I’m like in this a lot best bottle for the money that I’ve spent in a long time.

El Buho Mezcal

Apr 29, 2024

Lot 42/01B 45% Espadin Aromas out of the bottle or sweet and brown typical acetone-like alcohol but very clean and smooth Pleasant. Flavors follow with nice Brown Agave flavors roasted fruits and nuts very clean almost no smoke this is a very nice inexpensive Mezcal great flavors good job

El Jolgorio Tobala

Apr 26, 2024

GMGTB280417EJ EDITION 28 bottle 196/ 680 harvest 2017 Aromas out of the bottle are outrageous super smooth stone and Adobe flavors this is amazing aroma. Fingernail polish in the best of ways. Flavors follow the suit very smooth and enjoyable this is a great tobala. Of the mouth hurting and the smoothness of this such wall Blended flavors

El Jolgorio Pechuga

Apr 26, 2024

GMJPE300922EJ edition 24 harvest 2022 bottle 206 /780 48% Aromas out of the Bottle sweet and meaty with some brown Agave overtones. Flavors are fairly mellow with some nice Brown Agave but real nice mouth feel kind of creamy with some bacon and Jerky like flavors very little smoke but just a little bacon like

Nuestra Soledad San Luis del Rio

Apr 20, 2024

Edition 64 batch RMCESO50122NS BOTTLE 419/3400 distiller Ivan Francisco Mendez produced 2021 once again like most espadines Aromas out of the bottle are sweet Agave some brown notes some nice green Notes too a little bit of a bubble gum and mint very little alcohol Aroma or smoke practically none. Flavors follow the suit this is really good very smooth complex brown and green Agave Aromas with bubble gum citrus pineapple and other nice tropical flavors

Alipus Destilado en Barro (San Miguel Sola)

Apr 15, 2024

Lote SMS002F/20 botttle 239/980 47.5% Tio Felix Aromas out of the bottle or sugary sweetness a little bit of smoke surprisingly but some kind of fermented sweet candy flavor that I’ve never experienced before. Wow the chase follows with some kind of sweet licorice fennel agave acidic smokiness that’s just awesome. For the price point this is excellent Moscow I love the mix of the two Agaves

Mal Bien Espadin – Morales

Mar 28, 2024

CLM-30 45.5% Tasted on 3 2024. Aroma is out of the bottle are pretty typical Brown Agave cinnamon and Light alcohol almost no smoke. For an inexpensive bottle of Mezcal this is fairly decent. Flavor follows the aroma with cinnamon brown Agave roasted fruits and a prickly finish that leaves a little bit of heat in the mouth but very enjoyable

Paquera Espadin

Mar 21, 2024

Lot PES7001 42.5% Sampled on 3/20/2024 Aroma’s out of the bottle are pretty mute.Maybe a little cinnamon mixed in with alcohol. The flavor is very nice.Cinnamon rubarb ocean slate and some brown sweetness. For the price, this is really good.I’ve been disappointed by a lot of espadins of late. No this one!

El Jolgorio Espadin

Mar 16, 2024

Year 2017 edition 16 591/660 48.2% batch PV. 47% Aroma’s out of the bottle are sweet candy and spice. Nice balance of floral aromas and spicy alcohol.

Fidencio Tepeztate

Mar 14, 2024

Lot TP015 Bottle 703/900 47.8% maestro mezalero Enrique Jimenez Fidencio sample on 3/14/2024. Aroma’s out of the bottle are sweet smoke and a little bit of funk some sourness. Taste follows pretty much to suit simple alcohol a bit of burn and sweet smoke again. Getting a lot of plastics and phenolics on this one kind of rough.

Bozal Cenizo

Feb 26, 2024

Lot 012019 48% sampled 2 21 2024 the aroma’s out of the bottle are chocolate spices and light acidic funk with some astinstsagy. Flavors followed closely to follow with lots of chocolate funky acidlike flavors. Very mouth numbing after a few sips, my whole mouth tingles

Banhez Cuishe

Feb 13, 2024

Lot B0019CU4719 Bottle 173/180 Date 04/19 47% aroma’s out of the bottle are very green alcohol very green smoke. Sweet pleasant greenness. First ships are cinnamon tropical home very spicy and no smoke on the finish. Can’t wait for this bottle to open up some. I’m getting Licorice peppermint. This is an amazing mouth tingling experience. It reminds me of old school pink lossinger candies. So smooth and clean

Real Minero Barril

Jan 25, 2024

Batch DRMB-15 Year 2019 bottle 60/305 50.7% Aromas out of the bottle are chocolate and clay wet rocks simple alcohol. Flavors are similar with chocolate and spices with damp rocks

Yuu Baal Espadin

Jan 15, 2024

Lot YJ03-21 Bottle 0133/5100 48% tasted on 1/15/2024. Aroma’s out of the bottle are simple alcohol and some heat. Flavors are prickly and spicy with some sourness. Just not really working for me. I mean it’s okay their other bottles are much better.

Nuestra Soledad Lachigui

Jan 11, 2024

Batch PVOES220821NS edition 20 year 2020 bottle ?/1190 48% distiller Pedro Vasques tasted on 1/11/2024 Aromas out of the bottle or simple smooth alcohol light smoke. Green and brown roasted agave aromas. Smells very clean. Wow this one melts in your mouth very smooth. Cinnamon roasted fruits.
Makes my tongue tingle. Super clean and easy to drink excellent sipper. A bit hot on the finish. But I think it’ll get better as the bottle airs out

Pensador Ensamble

Jan 6, 2024

Lot OE2/2016 47.5% Sampled on 1/5/2024 aromas out of the bottle are sweet green Agave in and simple alcohol. Wow the flavors are another dimension this is way better than I expected. Beautiful complicated sweet green and brown agave flavors. Excellent alcohol and acetone’s definition To finish it up super clean. Got this bottle as a bonus from Old Town tequila for $5. Can’t believe how good it is. After the bottle aired out for a month it took on some sourness and funkenness.

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