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Marca Negra Sanmartin

Sep 19, 2023

batch XBP04 -17 bottle 949/1600 49.4% Maestro Basilio Pacheco rated on 9/2023. Aromas out of the bottle are dark fruit brown sugar cinnamon allspice everything on the dark heavy sweet side. And something a little sour in there. Taste follows the suit with a lot of brown notes over ripe fruit but nothing tropical no smoke. Very thick and mouth coating no real alcohol present once again something brown and sour with some kind of sweetness. Kind of a Tangy finish that leaves a prickle on your tongue

Marca Negra Dobadan

Sep 19, 2023

batch XAOLS-18 47.8% bottle 267/300 rated on 9/2023 Maestro Alberto Ortiz. Aromas are holy shit this is on a different level. herb garden dill oregano mint and cinnamon that goes on for ever! no smoke very mouth coating. Pink lozenger candy. has a very warm feeling to it like something you’d want to curl up with on a cold night. honeydew mellon

Origen Raiz Cenizo

Aug 30, 2023

batch 10ACOIG01 YEAR 2018 EDITION 018 BOTTLE 580/1193 MAESTRO IGNACIO GRIJALVA. 48%.Aromas out of the bottle are warm and soft with a sour mash like smell of a bourbon. Flavors are creamy and mouth coating of overripe tropical fruit no smoke. There’s a light funkiness that is very nice and adds to the complexity. mostly brown types of flavors with a bit of rubber. no fresh fruit. some mint like tingling flavors at the end.

Cuentacuentos El Barro

Jul 23, 2023

46% no batch number Maestro Ricardo Ruiz aromas out of the bottle are buttery scotch and smooth smoke flavors. Aromas and flavors follow suit with overripe tropical mangoes and papayas this is really delicious mezcal for the price. Will continue to review as the bottle opens up but for the price this is a winner. After airing out and down to a quarter of a bottle the stuff’s a winner a lot of peppermint and other mints candy light smoke very approachable.

Yuu Baal Madrecuixe

Jul 7, 2023

7/10/23 lot YJ05-21 BOTTLE 1372/3000 48% Aromas out of the bottle are initially warm Sweet Smoke then pine needles and nice acetone like Aromas very pleasant aromas. Wet firering in the morning comes to mind. Flavors more or less fall in line with a lot of really sweet delicious smoke like flavors very delicate and lingering. Candy like flavors are hidden in there along with pine tar and Earth. This is very good Mezcal for the price I’m liking this one. After airing out for a very short time. The smoke fades even more and candy tropical flavors come forward. Acetone candy
7/31/23 bottle 1470/3000 same

Origen Raiz Madrecuishe

Jun 16, 2023

VCOLMC11 YEAR 2018 EDITION 001 BOTTLE 055/060 48% Aromas out of the bottle are like the best Colombian Coke a certain yellow diesel fuel like flavor full of Earth and rustic chemical flavors. Flavors follow plan on being up all night and this one will be gone in the morning. Great Asotone Flavors. Very chemical in a great way. Ok wow this one has it all tobacco Earth smoke and all kinds of rubber in different forms.LOVE! Wow Mezcal candy as this airs out it’s just amazing. This Mezcal is outrageous the only reason I didn’t give it up five was like a lot more fruit but damn

5 Sentidos Tobala – Alberto Martinez

Jun 14, 2023

Batch TBALB 08-20 46.5% 200 liter batch distilled Aug 2020 bottle on July 2021. Aromas out of the bottle or funky cheese barnyard odors wet rotting hay overripe Peach all in a good way. No alcohol no smoke amazing aroma. Flavors come across very clean Maybe spritzy with no burn until the end. Cinnamon like burn that lasts for a long time

5 Sentidos Tepextate – Sergio Juarez

Jun 12, 2023

Batch TPXLE 09-20 44.3% 97 liter batch distilled Sept 2020 bottled July 2021. Aroma’s out of the bottle are a cold firepit the next morning after a light rain. Inside of a smoker’s car and a ashtray with water in it, but mostly in a good way. Flavors are surprisingly light on smoke mostly a light burning sensation. Long ashey finish. Slate and wet rocks on the end exhale. This gets better with some air. Very unique in the smokey dimension. After this airs out I gave it a four I think it opens up some and has some interesting Brown notes if there was a brown Jolly Rancher this would be it.

Origen Raiz Espadin Chacaleño

Jun 10, 2023

Batch CA01C03 YEAR 2019 EDITION 002 BOTTLE 082/084 48%. Aromas out of the bottle or alcohol and smoke very mellow though lots of leather and Cedar just love the smell. Wow it smells great! Flavors well I am just loving it Cedar mouth coating alcohol desert smoke. Sweet and smooth. Old wood and leather dirt sweetness this one’s just blowing my mind reminds me of a fine fine elay scotch that cost a lot of money! This is why I switch from Scotch to Mezcal everything scotch has but with the agave flavors. Love this one! This bottle is aired out for a few days and it’s just amazing it is so smooth and creamy no harshness just amazing smoke flavors

5 Sentidos Espadin Capon

Jun 9, 2023

Cap 08-21c 49.0% 200 liter distilled Aug 2021 glass aged 5 months bottled Feb 2022. Aromas out of the bottle are iodine, spices, rubber smoke. Flavors are smoked peaches, candy flavored dirt, rich smooth smoke. Long lasting creamy aftertaste salty iodine. Minty Carmel brown tones.

Vago Espadin – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

May 20, 2023

Lot E-17-E-20 50.2% Aromas out of the bottle are well I don’t know practically non-existent. Acetone and the usual alcohol Aromas but very little else I get a green sweetness of agave but that’s about it. Flavors are mostly clean alcohol with different types of peppers white peppercorn green peppercorn and hot spices. This was a newly opened bottle I’m looking forward to it airing out some and trying it again. After airing out some I get mint and green Jolly Rancher everything’s pretty well mellow. Sweet bourbon like flavors come out after airing. This could be a highlands anyday. As the bottle aired out I think it improves and becomes a easy drinker

Rey Campero Jabali

May 13, 2023

D5031-J 48.5% Aromas are just wow I get model paint glue some kind of vegetable matter that I just don’t even have a description for so complex many different layers. The Aromas keep changing as it was poured into the glass overtime sweet burnt orange is coming to mine. Flavors are also just mouth coating so many complex things going on here no smoke but different types of fruit in different stages of ripeness some spoil some green. My favorite of the group so far.

Rey Campero Tepextate

May 13, 2023

D5017-T 48.4% Aromas out of the bottle or blue cheese jalapeno peppers roasted jalapeno peppers and some funkiness. Surprisingly the flavors don’t really follow the suit very little funkiness mostly the jalapeno comes through and other green pepper like flavors. Mouth coating alcohol finishes It Off.

Rey Campero Cuishe

May 13, 2023

D5017-C 48.3% Aromas out of the bottle are clean and minty something that also reminds me of sage very little alcohol aroma. Flavors are minally and chalky with unripened tropical fruit and pine accents. Kind of finishes Sharp and leaves a pucker in the mouth. After the bottles has been opened a bit I get dirty cheese and bay leaves.

Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe

May 13, 2023

D5013-MC 48.9% Aromas out of the bottle are very muted both in alcohol and overall smell. Mostly just light brown Agave matter. Flavors are solid nail polish spicy finish tart and possibly some sourness interesting combination. Finishes with some woodsy tartness lactic sourness.

Rey Campero Mexicano

May 13, 2023

D5010-M 48.2% aroma out of the bottle arr watery almost seduce smoke and very little alcohol in the glass once again watered down acetone. Flavors had a lot of peppers Oriental spices some leather lots of alcohol finish is pretty nice though. Nice mouth coating oillyness in this on this one I enjoy that.

Rey Campero Espadin

May 13, 2023

D5061-E 48.6% Aromas out of the bottle are very soft sweet light smoke almost no alcohol surprisingly. Flavors follow with spices of cinnamon cardamom well integrated alcohol into the smoke. This is a nice drinking espadine with lots of complexity mostly with Integrations of alcohol and smoke very little fruit on this one

Alipus San Luis

Apr 28, 2023

Lot SLR011/22 BOT 648/1950 47.5% Aromas out of the bottle or pretty mellow with some salinity and some warm green aromas and of course the typical very simple alcohol. Flavors are also nice and mellow on this one with some saltiness very tangy mouth puckering flavors light smoke that integrates very well and finishes with a nice mouth coating smokey tartness

Alipus San Andres

Apr 26, 2023

Lot SAM002/20 Bot.520/2350 47.5% Don Angel. Aromas out of the bottle are alcohol and pickle juice with some light smoke. Flavors are warm and sweet with some brown sugary candy background. After the bottle aired out for a while tropical fruit flavors became more apparent in the aroma but not so much in flavor.

Agave de Cortes Joven

Apr 20, 2023

2021 edition 109 bot# 915/2300 batch FCHES130920ACJ 45% Aromas out of the bottle are simple alcohol with a green overtone pretty light overall. Flavors have a sweet almost bourbon like quality to it with some cinnamon and green overtones very smooth clean finish no smoke. Incredibly mouth coating finish with lasting candy sweetness. This bottle has aired out some and has become even sweeter and smoother not bad for the price.

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