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5 Sentidos Papalome

Apr 30, 2022

Its enjoyable. No tasting notes.

5 Sentidos Azul

Apr 29, 2022

Hot and clunky. No finesse to speak of. Cilantro and iron. Glad I didnt buy a whole bottle of this one.

5 Sentidos Pechuga de Azul

Apr 25, 2022

Wayyyyy too much anise. Literally borders on herbsaint. Agave notes nowhere to be found. Had trouble finishing the 2 oz I had

5 Sentidos Espadilla – Amando Alvarado Alvarez

Apr 22, 2022

4.25/5. Wonderful clay everywhere. Rounded… slick…. Wet. Nothing really pops, but im really enjoying the melange of earthy fruit flavors i get on the back end. Nice

Carreño Ensamble 7

Apr 17, 2022


Hits like a RM multi agave ensamble. Fruit, herbs, earth. All there. “With our powers combined…” But seriously, this is hella tasty

Carreño Tobala

Apr 15, 2022

Punchy for a tobala. Very well done. Great first experience with Carreno!

Lamata Lechuguilla Sonora – Almada

Apr 14, 2022

Agree with the rubber that Zack gets. Outside of that, this is a winner

Cuentacuentos Madrecuishe – Everardo Garcia Salvador

Apr 10, 2022

Yup, butter. But not rank, nasty, oily buttee. More like a lightly salted fresh buttered croissant. Tasty

Cenizo Colonial Temoaya

Apr 8, 2022

Shocked at how good this is.

El Jolgorio Madrecuishe

Apr 4, 2022


Its fine. Nothing reallt stands out. However, you can tell this is well made. Pine and cilantro. Not mad I bought a bottle.

Convite Tobala

Apr 1, 2022

One of the best tobalas ive ever had. A little bit of everything with this one. Trail mix type of finish. Mouthfeel/heft is perfect. 4.75/5

Dixeebe Pulquero

Mar 30, 2022

Pour. A good pulquero but nothing really remarkable. 3.75/5, rounded up

Lamata Ensamble Oaxaca – Jarquín

Mar 27, 2022

Not sure if I should be rating this one… as I had it in a flight of mezcales at Madre. Either way, the one thing I can say this reminds me of is one of Erick’s sourced mezcales from Almamezcalera. Straddled the line pretty well between light and heavy. Mint, juicy fruit, slight aloe. Good!

Dixeebe Espadin

Mar 24, 2022

Blinded, I never would have guessed this is an espadin. More tobla-ish notes of bubblegum and mango. Interesting….

Dixeebe Cuishe

Mar 20, 2022

An above average Cuishe. Enjoyable but not earth shattering. On the fence about buying a bottle

Tosba Espadilla

Mar 19, 2022

Pour at Madre WH. Pineapple and serrano pepper. Really neat

Marfa Spirits Chihuahuan Desert Sotol

Mar 12, 2022

3.75/5 really. A solid sotol. Fresh cut grass, horse barn, and peppercorns on the nose. Taste is peppercorns and slate. Finish is more slate, apples, and laffy taffy.

Macurichos Cirial, Madrecuishe, Barril, Bicuishe

Jan 28, 2022

Really solid. Opens with coconut curry-like stuff and then hits you with dried fruit and mint. Yummy

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