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Mal Bien Espadin – Morales

Oct 3, 2019

Tropical fruit, corn tortillas, lots of citrus, overripe banana. Really, really pleasant and supremely quaffable.

Mal Bien Tepextate – Cortes

Oct 3, 2019

Bell peppers, chalk, stone, pencil shavings, leafy greens, cilantro. Green, earthy, and vegetal to the max.

Mal Bien Arroqueno – Cortes

Oct 3, 2019

Buttered popcorn, earth, leather, sweet potatoes, vanilla, detritus. Like an Espadin on steroids in some ways, but slightly lacking overall.

Mal Bien Madrecuixe – Ramos

Oct 3, 2019

Sweet corn, snap peas, roasted agave, vinegar-based bbq sauce, young carrots. Sweet and delicious.

Lalocura San Martinero

Oct 3, 2019

Creamy, berries, mint, nuts, forest floor, graphite, eucalyptus. Deeply complex, just incredible.

Lalocura Tobala

Oct 3, 2019

Sour apples, tart candy, candied ginger, clay, chalk, raspberries. Super fruity, high toned, and razor sharp.

Bozal Tobasiche

Jul 28, 2019

lot no. 000617, november 2016.

nose: candied herbs, mint chocolate chip ice cream, rose petals, toasted cashews, some chalk with nice general floral notes

palate: wow, really sweet for a karwinskii. but it works – the dry earth and stone are mellowed out by the sweetness. roasted sweet corn (reminds me a bit of vago elote), some rhum agricole-like grassiness, tropical fruit, lemon peel tea, very light mineral-forward smoke.

pretty short finish owing to the sweetness, but lots more candied herbs, eucalyptus, and mint. this is fantastic. would love to compare it to the tobasiche adrian bautista produced for koch.

Koch Arroqueno Ancestral (Olla de Barro)

Jul 23, 2019

49.73% ABV. tasted blind!

nose: pencil shavings, mild tartness and acidity, ginger, cinnamon, white pepper, maybe a little cocoa, and light stone fruit

palate: sweet! nice spice, strong cinnamon plus allspice and cardamom, some banana, generic green vegetal notes, nutty popcorn

things get drier on the finish and there’s a bit of bell pepper. this is good.

La Reina Maximiliana

Jul 19, 2019

nose: tangy, white wine vinegar, lacto-fermented hot sauce, white pepper, some mustiness, robitussin, a bit of scotch bonnet frutiness

palate: medium to thin mouthfeel. hershey’s milk chocolate – butyric acid and all, unripe grapes and berries, more cough syrup and white pepper.

short finish with lingering tang, prickliness, and cough syrup. strangely this reminds me a lot of empirical spirits “fuck trump and his bullshit wall” release, which is distilled with habanero and always gives me cough syrup vibes. i don’t love this but it’s interesting.

Las Perlas Raicilla Rhodacantha – Angustifolia

Jul 16, 2019

nose: bubble gum, cotton candy, baked agave, citrus, red berries, granny smith apple, pickle brine

palate: full, rich mouthfeel. again with the bubblegum, burnt stone, eucalyptus, popcorn. not incredibly complex, but definitely delicious.

medium finish with nice prickly heat. overall i love the nose and mouthfeel, and this almost borders on *too* easy to drink, in a good way.

Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe

Jun 25, 2019

Lot DS008-MC, June 2015.

nose: pencil shavings, white pepper, wet stone, autumn detritus, menthol, and something slightly umami – mushrooms?

palate: medium mouthfeel. brown sugar, that white pepper, some pine, touch of bitterness. not too complex.

pretty quick finish. this is one of those bottles where the nose is perhaps more interesting than the taste.

Flor del Desierto Cascabel

May 31, 2019

nose: ginger, thai basil, chili pepper, and red berries off the bat. then some funk – gym bag and shoes without socks on a hot summer day, and some fish sauce. light, grassy smoke.

palate: medium but nice mouthfeel. more ginger, star anise, sweet cola, some olive brine, mixed spiced nuts, allspice, cedar

medium finish with lots of that ginger tingling. this is great. i tried to find some of that funk from the nose on the palate but couldn’t. still great.

Flor del Desierto Desert

May 31, 2019

note: brine, cashew, sage, the part of an envelope you lick to seal

palate: medium mouthfeel. wood, bell pepper, bitter chlorophyll, a touch of salt, and some heat.

medium finish. decent but miles behind the sierra, for me.

Flor del Desierto Sierra

May 31, 2019

note: chalk, limestone, sandalwood, white pepper, eucalyptus, dry earth

palate: full, rich mouthfeel. a green sweetness or a sweet greenness? licorice, more white pepper, a touch of bitterness. lots of subtle flavors, nothing too huge, but in a pleasant way.

long, lingering finish. really like this.

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