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Nucano Anejo

Aug 6, 2018

good quality mezcal.has similar taste to a fine aged tequila but still has a little espadin profile.no smoke and a cherry flavor comes through.it taste natural and i find it easy to sip on.no harshness.good bargain.not quite 4 star but good.

Bozal Ancestral

Jul 30, 2018

this was not what i expected from a cupreata.the initial impression is very dark,herbal and earthy.it is very good with complex spices and slight sweet agave but the sweetness is reserved.notes of smoke mixed with black pepper and green chili.medium heat.bold and complex.i would give this a 5 star on a cold fall or winter evening.seems more suited for cooler weather.looking forward to trying again but i must admit i will have to be in the mood for this flavor.at least 4 and a half stars (in summer).

Nucano Joven

Jul 30, 2018

delicious mezcal.first time to try this brand and i was impressed.gentle and smooth from the start and a pleasant bite on the finish,agave notes are defined clearly but what stood out was a lovely vanilla flavor.very natural taste and the price is a bargain.

Nuestra Soledad Santiago Matatlan

Jul 3, 2018

i get alot of cherry/berry fruit up front.its not tart but the sweeter side of fruit.slight hint of green peppers and a nice bite on the finish.good spice and a high quality mezcal.

Los Nahuales Special Edition No. 1

Jul 3, 2018

really nice mezcal!first time to have a sierrudo agave.it fits the profile of americano.its bold and sweet up front and a strong note of black pepper kicks in mid way.this reminds me of the mezcalero #15(sierra negra).the cuishe is faint with vegetal notes on the end.no harsh notes.very pleasant spice and sweet balance.gets the saliva going!

Derrumbes Tamaulipas

Jun 18, 2018

this is an excellent mezcal!it is very strong but not harsh.at 52 %,a little goes a long way.this was my first experience with agave funkiana and univittata.it is very delicious and very compact.the first impression is sweet with some tart fruit notes.mid way opens up to savory salty mucho agave.the real suprise was a flavor of cheese on the finish.it all ties together in a beautiful unique way.it is bursting with bold flavor.be careful with this one because it will go straight to the brain!i would give this one 4 and a half stars!

Leyendas Ancho (Guerrero)

Jun 14, 2018

this is the only leyenda i have tried and it is very enjoyable.i love cupreata and they usually have a bright and sweet taste.this fits that profile.the nose is not strong but has subtle notes of fruit and agave.entry has sweet and citrus and slight saline.mid way is more agave and pear with a hint of sugar.the finish is short but kitchen clean with a hint of smoke.mellow and fruity from start to finish.did i mention that i love cupreata?

El Buho Especial Tepeztate

Jun 11, 2018

strong green veggie notes.bell pepper,jalapeno and slight cucumber.mineral sweetness and savory midway and a lingering sweetness with smoke on the finish.seemless with a thin buttery mouthfeel.no bite or harshness.almost a 5 star.wonderful treat!

Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec

May 29, 2018

this is very good.its light and i got the floral and tropical fruit notes.no harhness and very refined.very little hint of alcohol.it is as close as it can get to 5 stars but fell a little short.the finish was sweet but vanished way too fast.i like a mezcal that lingers a little or alot if it has great flavor.this was the same effect i got from the koch mexicano.incredible flavor and then-poof.gone.no more. thats why i am a fan of the vago brand.tio rey and emidgio make mezcals that linger with lovely complex flavors.dont get me wrong.this is still a very good mezcal!

Vago Ensamble en Barro

May 14, 2018

this review is for arroqueno-66%/coyote-26%/mexicano-8%.WOW.this is a wonderful treat.like all vago,this has some heat.the entry has incredible sweetness but is balanced with delicate jalapeno and green bell pepper.mid way has hints spring flowers and strong agave.the finish has heat and smoke that lingers a little.tio rey makes mezcals that are a treasure.fantastic!

Yuu Baal Madrecuixe

May 14, 2018

i have really become a fan of madre.the profile is just like the other reviews describe.the entry is earth and veggie.the sweetness comes in mid way with spice and slight smoke on the finish.its a mix of savory and sweet and alberto ortiz always makes great mezcals with a bit of mineral in the taste.very enjoyable!

Wahaka Jabali

May 7, 2018

this mezcal is ok but overpriced.it is mellow and has hints of mint and light black pepper.entry is mild and the mint is up front with agave sweetness.it is thin and watery with a diminished finish.not much there considering it cost 100.00.the rey campero jabali is the opposite.that mezcal will blow your hair back!too bad i dont have any hair left these days.not great but not bad.

Casamigos Mezcal Joven

May 7, 2018

this isnt bad.there is no harshness.it doent have the depth and complexity of other mezcals in this price range.this brings to mind the term near beer (or near mezcal).the smoke almost seems added.its semi sweet and easy to drink.it drinks like a tequila.if you are a mezcal purist,this is not your mezcal.i think 2 stars is being generous and the price should be around 35.00.it has a pleasant taste but lacks soul.

Sacacuento Joven

May 4, 2018

this is great mezcal and a bargain.its not complex but has layers of fruit and agave sweetness.it takes more than one sip to appreciate the simplistic basic flavor.there are nice notes of spice but its a basic espadin executed very well.finish is sweet,soft and lingers just a little.lovely!

Koch Mexicano

May 1, 2018

nice notes of sweet chocolate and agave up front.mild spice and very little heat mid way.i would have given this mezcal an easy 4 star but it had no finish.it was very fleeting and light.i got the same experience with their version of tobala.for the price,i was expecting more meat on the bone.this wasnt a cheap purchase.3 and a half stars UPDATE-i was to quick to judge this one.after letting the bottle air out a bit,more flavors emerged and i got more of a sweet floral linger on the finish.very important lesson.letting your spirit breathe can have a huge impact! a solid 4 stars!

Vago Cuixe – Aquilino Garcia Lopez

Apr 24, 2018

aquilino edition.90% cuixe and 10% espadin.good mezcal and a slight step up from the regular espadin.similar in taste with a bit more floral and vegetal notes .not a very sweet mezcal but pleasant and smooth.i am a huge fan of the vago line but this is not my favorite version.UPDATE 2-16-19.this bottle has rested for about a year since it was first opened.more flavors have emerged in a beautiful way.the madre and the cuixe are becoming more enjoyable.it is very earthy and vegetal but retains some agave sweetness.the flavors are more pronounced and i get more flowers in the aroma and taste.4 and a half stars.delicious!!!

Don Mateo Pechuga

Apr 24, 2018

i have enjoyed other versions of this brand but this one was a let down.its ok but for the price,it should be much more.its drinkable and fairly smooth.it seems watered down and not much personality.the alto is very good as well as the cupreata.if the cost was about $40,it would get 3 stars.

El Jolgorio Tobala

Apr 23, 2018

i really enjoyed this tobala.a great combo of black pepper and cinnamon.some tropical fruit notes.clean and sweet from start to finish.too easy to drink!

Alipus Destilado en Barro (San Miguel Sola)

Apr 16, 2018

love this mezcal.the nose is sweet but has a funky cheese layer.the taste is sweet up front but the bold spicy arroqueno takes over mid way.the finish has a strong pepper bite.very little clay.unique and strong but not overwelming.has a good punch.delicious!

El Jolgorio Tepeztate

Apr 16, 2018

this is very tasty!lots of green vegetables and green peppers.the initial taste is vegetal but it has many layers.its sweet with subtle smoke.the finish has fresh herbs and flowers.just one taste is not enough to get a full scope of how complex this tepeztate is.each taste seems to uncover different and new flavors.it does retain the vegetal sweetness.this is why mezcal lovers love mezcal.expensive but worth the price!

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