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Nic Hnastchenko
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Architect. Printmaker. Mezcal, coffee and beer lover.
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Banhez Arroqueño

Jan 31, 2019

Dark roasty flavor, not as strong on the chocolate as the Mezcalero No. 20 that i tried it next to. Super smooth, not a ton of bite.

Vago Cuixe – Aquilino Garcia Lopez

Jan 25, 2019

LOT A-29-DV-C-14 from Emigdio Garcia Lopez, June 2014. Might have struck gold here, think I need to make another run to this liquor store and see what else is hiding on their shelves. Love a mezcal over 50%, with a fruity nose and sweet vegetal taste. Excited to see how this one evolves.’

Also tasted the November 2016 from Aquilino Garcia Lopez. Also soo good, side by side with the rest of their lineup, this was my favorite.

Del Maguey Wild Tepextate

Jan 14, 2019

Just read about this one in Holy Smoked! I love this, knowing the years this plant had to put in to make this juice makes it all the more special. Delicious, tropical fruit. Didn’t have a chance to check the batch.

Montelobos Tobala

Jan 12, 2019

Lot RD2761. I was pleasantly surprised by this, super smooth, little bit of fruit and hardly any bite. Was on a quest to try some new arroquenos and got persuaded into this one.

Mezcalero No. 20

Jan 12, 2019

Lot 20J | Don Jesus Rios. Woah, chocolate and roasted, this is really good, strong bite but also so different from my 5 Sentidos Arroqueno at home. Had this last night and still thinking about that chocolate

Nuestra Soledad Sta. Ma. Zoquitlan

Jan 7, 2019

Edition 04. Quite the shift from the ensamble I had right before this, but really liked the kick in this one. Pretty smooth, but with a good bite that seems to be missing in some of the cheaper mezcal I’ve been trying.

Del Maguey San Pedro Taviche

Jan 7, 2019

Wanted to try an ensamble as i don’t often try them and they seem super interesting. This one was San Pedro Teviche Lot TAV-161, all wild agaves with Espadin, Tepeztate, Tobala, Tobaziche. Went with this one because of the tobala and I was very impressed, super smooth, and really enjoyed it. Set a high bar for all the tastings I tried after this one.

La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra del Tigre

Jan 7, 2019

I was warned it was funky… It truly was, my first raicilla – smelled like cheese and active yeast. Reminds me of some wild ales that i’ve tried, but unlike any other agave spirit I’ve had.

Marca Negra Dobadan

Dec 30, 2018

Alberto Ortiz | Batch MJ03-15

Finally back in Chicago and able to open up the bottle I grabbed in San Diego. My second taste by Alberto Ortiz in the last 24 hours and just as smooth – clean, tropical fruity, and delicious. Alongside my new copitas and some not so light but very interesting reading. (Agaves of Continental North America)

Marca Negra Arroqueno

Dec 29, 2018

Nice green vegetal and super clean. Taking your recommendation with a mezcal by Alberto Ortiz. At Cantina Mayahuel in San Diego

Nuestra Soledad San Baltazar

Dec 23, 2018

Edition 09 by Gregorio Martinez Garcia. Looking to pick up one of the bottles by Nuestra Soledad when I’m San Diego. Delicious bottle for the price. Really should have tried their options side by sidebar but had to catch a flight.

5 Sentidos Papalometl

Dec 23, 2018

Batch PM01. Coming in at 45.4% Confirmed Tobala is still my favorite agave and 5 sentidos my favorite brand. But this was just so smooth.

5 Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano

Dec 11, 2018

Had this at Todos Santos. Poblano and mole coming through nicely. Coming in at 53%

El Jolgorio Barril

Dec 11, 2018

From my Mezcal Masterclass on Karwinskii.

Tasted again next to the Madrecuishe, and its tasty, leans a little more woody.

Real Minero Largo

Dec 11, 2018

From my Mezcal Masterclass on Karwinskii.

Rey Campero Mexicano

Dec 11, 2018

Another at Todos Santos, don’t think i’ve had something from Rey Campero that i didn’t love.

Koch Arroqueno Ancestral (Olla de Barro)

Dec 11, 2018

Delicious. Tried this at Todos Santos, the suggestion for trying out a new agave. Would like to try more arroqueno.

Banhez Espadin & Barril

Dec 11, 2018

Quality bottle for $25… No complaints, nice ensamble.

Tropical Fruit, banana, pineapple.

Siete Misterios Tobala

Dec 11, 2018

Delicious. Tried this at Todos Santos. Tobala always my go-to.

Alipus San Luis

Dec 11, 2018

My first bottle. Gin, pine, canteloupe, sticks on the tongue. Stronger smoke, carmelized roasted agave.

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