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La Nina del Mezcal Tobala

Apr 3, 2018

lots of fruit on the entry.mild heat mid way with a little smoke.floral notes with honey on the finish.excellent spirit!

Marca Negra Arroqueno

Apr 2, 2018

very enjoyable!not much on the nose but is not short on taste.entry is a balance of sweet fruit and root vegetables.no smoke and green pepper mid palate.very bright finish with some salt and agave sweetness.arroquenos seem to be down the middle on taste but i have only tried 3 or 4.this is sweet and savory.a notch above good.

Bozal Tobasiche

Mar 28, 2018

wow!this is very floral.the entry is sweet and gentle.mid-way has a lot of different spices and vegetal notes.sugar and smoke on the finish.the taste lingers for a moment and is gone.there are many layers and i almost gave this one a 5 star.tobaziches are rare and the price on this bottle was a bargain.i havent tried many of this brand but this one is very,very good.

Nuestra Soledad Lachigui

Mar 19, 2018

great bang for the buck!great balance of mineral,sweet,spice and heat.there isnt any single element that stands out but a smooth chorus and mixture from start to finish.sweet espadin profile.some subtle hint of herbs at the finish.very well worth the price.

Mayalen Guerrero

Mar 19, 2018

this is a beast!initial taste of butterscotch and wild berries.alcohol dominates mid way and finish is volcanic!i like strong mezcals but this one is a bit boozy.it is good and has interesting notes but brace yourself.the wild cupreata and borrego are both excellent and would be my choice over this version.the mayalens are good quality but this one is my least favorite.a little goes a long way.UPDATE(3-1-19).this botlle has settled for a few months and the taste profile is better and smooth.similar in profile but a bit more mellow.this is one that would not be the best to start the night with because it is so strong.time has given it a little more complexity and taken some of the rough edge out and i find that i enjoy it more.i do enjoy cupreatas and this one is evolving.3 and a half stars. UPDATE 3-22-21. thjs botlle just keeps getting better! harshness has left the building.deep sweetness of dark berries and a finish that reminds me of brachs butterscotch discs.still has a punch but has evolved into a top shelf mezcal. i am partial to quality cupreatas.

Del Maguey Santo Domingo Albarradas

Mar 13, 2018

very tasty.there is strong oak and spice up front.mid way the agave sweetness comes through.the finish has some serious heat but it all ties together nicely.love the boldness of the wood and spice.dry profile.might not be for everyone but i think its great!

Koch Tobala

Mar 13, 2018

this is a good mezcal.this brand is high quality.it is gentle and sweet and easy to drink.i rate it at three and a half stars.it would get 4 if the tobala profile was stronger.the earthy tobala is there but not very strong.the price was $120 and i expected more.very little smoke but a mild and pleasant taste.

Scorpion Reposado

Mar 2, 2018

this is a good buy.its well priced and has great flavor.tasting notes include caramel,smoke and bourbon.the finish is full with a pleasant bite.very tasty.the anejo and blanco are fantastic.this one is in the middle of the road.if a taste of this is placed in front of me,i would not gripe.

Mayalen Wild Cupreata

Feb 26, 2018

i think the mayalen is very high quality brand.this mezcal is bursting with flavor.my opinion is biased because i love cupreata.it is hot but the heat declines quickly.the entry is bold with with sweet and savory balance.midway has notes of sweet vinegar.the finish is mellow with mint and a little smoke.delicious!the mayalen borrego is excellent too!

Mezcalero No. 15

Feb 26, 2018

this is very spicy!the nose has hints of mint and smoke but is faint.the entry is strong with lots of black pepper.mid-way opens up with agave sweetness with floral notes.the finish is medium in length with more agave but the strong pepper lingers.very tasty.fits the americana profile.

Sacacuento 3-year Anejo

Feb 12, 2018

excellent spirit!aging mezcals can ruin the quality and basic taste but there are exceptions.this is very tasty.it keeps the personality of an espadin but has nice vanilla and caramel notes.it is 84 proof but doesnt take away from the flavor.entrance is soft with hints of a fine whiskey.mid way opens to agave,honey suckle and slight smoke.the finish is medium in length,sweet and very mellow.would love to own a case of this fine mezcal!will buy again!

Yuu Baal Espadin

Jan 29, 2018

very good.mellow minty with agave sweetness.some hint of smoke.bright flavor with no harshness.the price makes it a steal.if it had cost twice as much,it would still get 4 stars.

El Buho Mezcal

Jan 22, 2018

good mezcal and value.citrus and slight smoke.finish is sweet and smooth.has good flavor but is low proof.sometimes a low proof can make a mezcal seem watered down but this is not the case with this one.i rate it at 3 and a half stars.very easy to drink.

Mezcalero No. 8

Jan 15, 2018

very tasty and elegant..scent is floral and spicy.entry is full flavor and a great balance of savory and sweet.mid way are notes jalapeno,black pepper and bubble gum.the finish is mellow,sweet and the black pepper lingers.beautiful.a spirit that doesnt have to shout to make a statement.

Rey Campero Jabali

Jan 15, 2018

this mezcal is rude and abrupt and i loved it!its a paradox and makes no apology.its like being slapped by a beautiful woman before she makes love to you (LOL)!the taste is strong and up front.very spicy with chilies and strong vegetal notes.this carries through mid way and finishes with agave sweetness.i agree with tyler.dont start the night with this one.it can wreck your sense of taste.very good!

Rey Campero Sierra Negra

Jan 12, 2018

wonderful.fits the americana profile.scent is slight with cotton candy and and green pepper.the entry is very sweet agave with wild flowers.mid way opens up with some slight black pepper and the finish is very clean with more agave and sugar.sweet from start to finish but not overly.extremely easy to drink all evening.unique but very much americana.

Mezcalosfera Tobala/​Verde/​Madrecuixe/​Cuixe/​Espadin – Felipe Cortés

Jan 9, 2018

WOW!WOW!WOW!incredible!way too many flavors to sum up.like trying to catch a downpour in a paper cup.sweet,savory,salty mineral and floral.taste is never focused but swirls to different effects.the finish seemed to have a birth and then a rebirth.long and incredible!amazing.i feel like i need to lock this bottle in a safe and only open on the most special days!

Derrumbes Durango

Jan 9, 2018

very tasty!i give this one 4 and a half stars.the scent has hints of fruit and produce with an undertone of agave sweetness.the entry is very fruit forward (tropical) but in a very pleasant way.mid palate is sweet and floral.slight pepper and agave shines on the finish.silky with medium thickness.delicious!!!

Real Minero Largo

Jan 9, 2018

yes!it lived up to all the five star reviews!the nose was slight,sweet with mint.my first impression on entry was a bite of gingerbread,mid-way opened to agave and honey.the finish was soft notes of pine and smoke.no hint of harshness and very balanced.exceptional treat!

El Jolgorio Mexicano

Dec 11, 2017

absolute treat!becoming a huge fan of this agave.in the right hands,it can be sublime.the nose is faint.slight smell of hay and baked sugar.entry is almost like water but the flavor comes on strong.sweet cashew and sugar pea.some garden produce with notes of honey.the finish is medium in length and is incredible.notes of white pepper and vanilla.NO BURN and velvety.WOW!

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