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Bozal Castilla

Dec 16, 2022

Lot 00319 sampled 12/22 I am a huge fan of Bozal. This mezcal has a delightful refreshing nose, minty and herb laden front end and a super long finish with subtle smoke and a hint of caramel and pepper. Bozal’s mezcals are pricey but there is a certain feeling of luxury, a full mouth coating feeling and sophistication that make me feel it’s worth it.

El Sarao Oaxaca Cuishe

Oct 15, 2022

Batch SOJC01-21. bottle 387/720. Always a fan of Cuishe and this just solidifies it. Very sweet front end with nice herbaceous and mineral notes. Smooth mouth feel with very little smoke. Pine, mint and limestone…very good sipping mezcal. A bit weak on the finish, but a very clean taste. I’d recommend it.

Vago Elote – Hijos de Aquilino Garcia

Jun 10, 2021

Lot A2-08-EL-20 from September 2020. crystal clear appearance. Toasted corn fragrance, light and fresh taste. Surprisingly smooth for such high alcohol (50.3%).

Fidencio Tobala

Jan 25, 2019

Lot tob15 btl 300/907 nice spicy nose…nutmeg and toasted coconut. creamy mouthfeel with a subtle smoke taste. sweet aftertaste that showcases the age of the tabala. very satisfying, a nicely crafted mezcal. ***weird observation…when looking through the bottle gauge the color, i see small blueish flakes that are floating in my bottle. anyone else observe this??

Los Amantes Joven

Jan 12, 2019

lot AMJT-18 btl 3642 tasted 01/19 Very nice clean fragrance with a hit of cilantro?…very fresh nose. smooth and creamy mouth feel with very little aftertaste. little to no smoke, great for sipping straight.

Bosscal Joven

Dec 13, 2018

Lot 15 Light and clear, nice balanced smoke with a roasted vegetable flavors and a nice fresh pine forest scent.

Yuu Baal Tobala

Jun 30, 2018

Lot # YJ06-16 Smokey and herbaceous with loads of fresh flavors of vanilla and citrus. Spicy and lush…great sipping Mezcal. I highly recommend it.

Amaras Cupreata

Jun 11, 2018

lot 1-1147/1980 43% 2017 as close to a perfect mezcal as I’ve ever tasted. It is so bright and bold with distinct flavors of freshly sliced jalapeño and cumin. Big sweet nose of bell peppers and limestone after a rain. the finish lasts and lasts with an aftertaste of roasted squash. Delightful and so well worth the price.

Unión Viejo

Jun 2, 2018

lot VV 07/18 I get a bright orange peel note as I pour this..then it mellows to smoked chilis. It’s so smooth and light on your palate, crystal clear and spicy as you drink it, hints of cinnamon and cloves. Bought this bottle while in Mazatlan, wish I would have brought home more. Highly recommend.

Marca Negra Espadin

Jun 2, 2018

batch XJM16-17 Wonderful flavors of wood smoke and black pepper. clean soft finish. buttery and a balanced sweetness on the palate…I highly recommend this mezcal.

Pierde Almas Tequilana Weber

May 27, 2018

delicious and smooth at 52.5% alcohol. lot 01-a The fragrance of freshly charred chili peppers with a Spicy chili and a piney woodsmoke flavor. nice sweet palate with a delightful earthy finish.

IBA 40

May 25, 2018

lot 2306-6 almost non existing nose with just a hint of heated candle wax. harsh bite up front with no smokey flavor and very little else that would add flavors. I really wanted to like this (organic, kosher, award winning in a cool bottle with a nice story on it) but I’m left disappointed. I’ll try it again soon and amend my review if deserved.

Bozal Cuixe

May 20, 2018

feb 2016 lot #116 Just a hint of smoke with a spicy nose. tastes of mint and slight limestone. nice long finish with a slightly medicinal aftertaste. there is a bite in the back of your throat that shows the 47% alcohol.

El Buho Especial Tepeztate

May 19, 2018

I’ll wish we had half stars cause I’d add one as this is just that close to perfection. Lot 001/TPX Big beautiful herbal nose with with bell pepper/black pepper and fresh mown grass. crystal clear and smooth with a perfect aftertaste that sits on your palate like butter and just a tiny hint of mineral. You’d never guess that it was 48%
This is a perfect compliment to food..

Fidencio Tierra Blanca

May 17, 2018

the nose is like a forest in the rain after a fire. Earthy and smokey in the best way. nice mineral lead and a fruity finish that pleases and lasts on the palate. really coats your mouth and makes you ready for another sip. Delicious Mezcal that leaves you wanting another glass. Lot TB-16 I highly recommend .

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