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Maguey Melate Chuparrosa

Nov 26, 2022

Batch: SER-CHU-001
Nose – Twizzlers red licorice. Chicken jerky. A slight sanitized hospital note.

Palate – Poppyseed cake. Cherry and light cream. Both pine and oak wood notes. Dry, sweet and tangy finish. Solid!

This one is alright; I quite like it! This later Maguey Melate batch by a different mezcalero (Sergio Martinez Rodriguez) seems like a level up versus the previous batch from a couple years back.

Maguey Melate Espadilla – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Nov 25, 2022

Batch: FED-ESP-001
Nose – Dessert tart crust. Nail polish. Horse saddle. Coconut oil.

Palate – Bubble gum jellybean. Dried dark cherry. A bit lactic. A sweet, ashy finish that goes on for a while with a fair amount of ethanol burn. A bit hot for 45% and not a tasty heat at that.

Casa Manglar Espadin y Tobala

Nov 25, 2022

Lot: CM-ET-0821
Nose – Raspberry tart. Felt marker. Splenda.

Palate – Vanilla. Nutmeg. Clove. A bit hot for 45% and light on flavor. Goes watery in the finish and the residual ethanol that comes through with some lasting cigar ash.

Casa Manglar Espadin y Madrecuishe

Nov 24, 2022

Lot: CM-ME-1
Nose – Vanilla. Light oak. White bread dough. Subtle ethanol and Magic Marker notes.

Palate – Really nice woodiness which is the highlight. Vanilla bean. This is a decent economical ensamble but the weak part is that the sweet component is kind of artificial with a tad bit of ethanol heat in the finish.

Maguey Melate Cupreata – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Nov 24, 2022

Batch: FED-CUP-001
Nose – Sour green apple. Very light basil. A hint of fresh nail polish.

Palate – Funky baked Granny Smith apples. Syrupy brown sugar. Cedar chips. Overall, sweet, funky and sour. I only had less a 1 oz. sample to try but quite enjoyed this.

Bonete Raicilla Sierra

Nov 24, 2022

Lot: 1
Nose – Honey. White chocolate. Allspice. Flower petals (can’t nail down which kind of flower).

Palate – Funky lemon meringue – a sour combo of the filling and topping. Light potpourri. Some tri tip seasoning saltiness and spice in the finish. A crazy amount of flavor for 42% ABV – this easily tastes like a high 40’s ABV agave spirit without the heat. Very nice!

Real Minero Sierrudo

Nov 24, 2022

ABV: 50.92% (Tahona Mercado Exclusive Batch)
Nose – Fruity. Subtle clay. A sweet, medicinal note that reminds me of a grape cough medicine (that I actually liked) when I was younger.

Palate – Raisinets, clay and campfire ember the whole way. Insanely long finish. This was only a 1 oz. sample and I found it straight forward (maybe not enough to dig into any complexities I missed). Delicious though!

Maguey Melate Tobala – Abel Quiroz

Nov 23, 2022

Batch: ABE-TOB-001 (Bottle: 250)
Nose – A hot ceramic oven. Grape Nerds candy. Vanilla.

Palate – Thin and light to start, flavors kick in after a couple seconds. Creamy – but a bit off / sour. A barnyard, hay funk to it. Rubbery and grassy finish. This tobala doesn’t do it for me.

Maguey Melate Tepextate – Luis Enrique Juarez

Nov 23, 2022

Lote: 1
Nose – Sea salt. Fried green bell pepper. Powdered sugar.

Palate – Cocktail onion. Anaheim pepper. Melted white sugar. A tiny hand soap note. Spearmint heat, hot finish. Very sharp flavors. Pretty good tepeztate.

La Luna Espadincillo

Nov 23, 2022

Lote: 49
Nose – Icing sugar. Tad bit of toffee. Grassy.

Palate – White chocolate. Cinnamon bun. An artichoke vegetal note. A very long – sweet and grassy – finish. I picked this up for less than $50 in California. Great value for this quality mezcal.

5 Sentidos Pechuga de Azul

Nov 23, 2022

Nose – Sambuca. Light cream. Chicken soup broth and chopped celery.

Palate – A complete anise bomb to start. It took a couple sips for the other flavors to take hold. The meat component is like a BBQ’d chicken breast marinated for days in Jägermeister which goes well into the finish and aftertaste. Finish is also dry. All said, I happen to like Jägermeister, so I like this. But I can see how it may not be everyone’s jam.

This was a 1 oz. sample from Tahona Mercado SF.

El Jolgorio Pechuga Navideña

Nov 20, 2022

By Gregorio Martinez Jarquin
Nose – Light lemon zest and pine sap. Vanilla. Fizzy Sprite. Aromas are fruity and sweet – nice!

Palate – Slick, oily entry. Bitter in the middle. Vanilla bean. Mesquite chips. Tasty woody, BBQ and… again… fizzy Sprite soda in an exceptionally long finish. This all comes together for me and really works. 👌

Seems like I enjoyed this pechuga better than most. It’s not way over spiced (or too infused fruity) like many pechugas out there, IMO. One of the better ones I’ve tried. I’d say 4.25 stars but rounding down due to price.

This was a 2 oz. sample from mezcal homie, MLR. Salud, amigo! 🤠

Maguey Melate Tepextate – Hermogenes Vasquez

Nov 14, 2022

Batch: HER-TEP-001 (Bottle: 115)
Nose – Peppermint. Fresh jalapeno flesh. Lemon peel.

Palate – On the sweet, sugary side for a Tepeztate but still so good. Green grapes. Oak embers. Not detecting the usual vegetal flavor notes either. Vanilla cream and a nice, dry finish. This just frickin’ works!

Maguey Melate Pechuga – Rodrigo Martinez Mendez

Nov 13, 2022

Batch: ROD-PEC-001.
Nose – Fruit Loops cereal. Orange citrus. Picking up more espadin than the pechuga components but it’s quite nice.

Palate – Bitter entry. Heavy, almost syrupy, black licorice flavors. Big banana runt candy note. Dry finish. Vanilla and oddly enough, shrimp shells, pop up in the aftertaste. Disappointedly, I get no trace of the intended meat. The aromas on this are great but the ever-important flavors just don’t land for me.

Maguey Melate Deer Pechuga – Julio Topete Becerra

Nov 13, 2022

Batch: DEE-JUL-001
Nose – Dates. Brown sugar (a lot!) and oatmeal. Funky clay (although it is copper distilled). Vibrant, funky and sweet aromas – love what I’m smelling here.

Palate – Brown sugar bomb. Tasty, gamey venison. Fig newton cookies. Celery leaf. Sprinkle of anise. Mouth feel is very thin, but the flavors are potent. Long, meaty and again, brown sugar for days in the finish. Lemongrass comes in the aftertaste.

This pechuga may not be for everyone but it’s for me. I love when I’m able to taste the meat. The slight downside is that this pechuga is potentially overly sweet (brown sugar explosion) which throws the balance off a bit. All said though, I really enjoy this.

5 Sentidos de Horno

Nov 11, 2022

Nose – Raisins. Brown sugar. Dandelion.

Palate – Leather. Green tea. Maple sap. Chalky bitterness and mouthwash heat in the finish. Adequate heat for 49.05% ABV. Decent mezcal.

Lamata Lamparillo

Nov 11, 2022

Lot: LAM-S 12-1-2020 (80 L)
Nose – Cocktail onion. Fresh cut pine. Sugar water. Black pepper.

Palate – Grassy. Fried green peppers. BBQ grilled onions. A combination of spicy pepper and black pepper heat hits after a second – a pleasant intensity throughout. Anise and pine in the finish.

Tasty mezcal – slight knock is it is a tad heavy with the anise on the back end. But still great stuff, I enjoyed this!

Maguey Melate Mexicano – Fortunato Hernandez

Nov 8, 2022

Batch: FOR-MEX-001
Nose – Grassy. Slightly lactic. Orange citrus. White sugar crystals. Campfire coals.

Palate – Wild grass. Dry champagne. Rock candy. Orange peel. Oak embers. Long, long finish. Amazing flavors! Fortunato nails this one.

Rezpiral Espadin – Abel Martinez

Nov 4, 2022

Series #5.
Nose – Light aromas – icing sugar, lawn clippings, nutmeg.

Palate – Milky, spicy cinnamon – delicious! Mandarin orange. Fire-kissed grass. Animal cracker cookies and dry, smoked brisket in the finish. The heat is manageable but still packs a bit of a punch – call it a solid jab. All in all, fantastic stuff! Incredible espadin!

5 Sentidos Espadillon

Nov 2, 2022

Nose – Vanilla. Orange citrus. Scallions. Baked, crispy parmesan cheese.

Palate – Creamy, slight funk but delicious. Canned pear fruity sweetness. Cocktail onion. Peppermint heat, oak ember and vanilla finish which lasts in a very long, very pleasant aftertaste.

1 oz. sample from Tahona Mercado. I could definitely down more of this! ABV: 49.54%

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