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Erstwhile Tepeztate Ancestral

Nov 23, 2022

Incredibly kind family if you ever get the chance to visit them and their mezcal is amazing. Spot on review above from Zack above – captures the Tepeztate flavors we all know and love. This distinct expression is unique because its got some of the clay pot magic along with the copper pot in your face punch. This type of distillation with both clay/copper working in conjunction is so interesting so make sure to give this a try!

Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec

Oct 16, 2021

Pricy but this very smooth, floral and tropical agave sp is something beautiful. Currently my favorite of the Del Maguey lineup. Hard to track down but worth it if you can source this unique offering!

Lalocura Tobala

Sep 14, 2021

Perhaps one of the finest mezcales that I’ve ever encountered. I savor every sip like its my last one. Rich, round, fruity, mineral, tart green apples, just has a little bit of everything and stays with you after each kiss. If not for the price point this would be with me at all times. If you get the opportunity – treat yourself. Incredible mezcal from an incredible producer at Lalocura.

Vago Espadin en Barro

Sep 14, 2021

Love the marizpan (almond, honey) and chocolate malt flavors that jump right out. It settles a bit into some hard to place fruitiness but ends with a nice hot finish that warms your chest while offering a nice coating effect. Amazing value here for the product – this isn’t your average Espadin and is well worth the investment.
S-01-E-20 Feb 2020

La Luna Bruto

Aug 20, 2021

Maybe I just drink too much mezcal from Oaxaca but I really enjoyed this as something a little different and on the fruitier side of the spectrum. I love the Michocan expression from Mezonte and although this didn’t deliver that level of complexity I still found myself loving it and going back to pour another taste almost immediately. Juicy tropical fruit flavor/cantaloupe that lingers with all the smoke coming on the backend of the flavor. Fruit forward – silky. Some great notes already – just nice to see so many other states start getting product in the market.

Derrumbes Tamaulipas

Aug 12, 2021

Lot 6/2019 and my first mezcal from Tampaulipas and it reminded me a lot of Raicilla. This is a unique expression but tasted some of that lactic funk right off the bat with nice layered spice and sweetness that got behind my molars and had a nice mouthfeel. Overall just not my preferred makeup but certainly worth trying for those that are looking for a totally new profile that is unlike many common mezcales.

El Jolgorio Tepeztate

Aug 11, 2021

2018-Rafael Medez Cruz (25 years). When I think of what makes Tepeztate so sought after – this is what I think of. Just covers ever bit of ground that makes Mezcal so unique (light sweet, wet stone, vegetal, compelx, clean, spice, green, mild ash).

El Jolgorio Barril

Aug 11, 2021

Edition 11 (2017) – Gregorio Hernandez. I have a soft spot for all expressions in the Jolgorio lineup – just the cost makes them somewhat prohibitive. This karwinskii has one of the stronger lumberyard profiles I’ve come across. Its like tasting a home depot lumber/garden/flower center combined :). Not for the faint of heart – direct.

Koch Coyote

Aug 11, 2021

Koch Coyote I came across in the US is clay pot from Sola De Vega and was replete with all the clay pot funk you would want to see in such an expression. I prefer ensambles in this regard as its more layered, complex, and comes together after multiple sips. This single agave variation came across with quite a bit of funk but still had the requisite earth, clay, almond, marzipan, etc. you encounter with clay pot. A reach for my palate but if you like that lactic funk – look no further.

Nuestra Soledad San Luis del Rio

Aug 11, 2021

One of the sweeter mezcals I’ve come across. Real nice big league chew bubblegum right off the bat with some ash tray on the finish. Affordable and accessible so they get a bit of a bump and if you like fruity/sweet mezcals this is a great option. Nothing complex going on here – just a nice fruity candy vibe.

Del Maguey Arroqueno

Aug 11, 2021

My idea of a quintessential arroqueno/americana. 25 years in the ground is going to lend itself to crazy levels of complexity and although this bottle cost is sky high the product is unforgettable. Rich, bright, clay, earth, sweet, fruit gum, mild smoke, and just embodies that ancestral profile that is so approachable. Price hurts but the product is killer.

Del Maguey Vida de Muertos

Aug 11, 2021

Cooked orange peels to start with a some pleasant sweetness without all the smokey/chemical/acetone you get from Vida (not a bad thing to have as these components work well for mixed drinks). Great notes abound already from reviewers for this new release but at this price point with a higher ABV – consider me contented. Sipping it gets a passing grade and for cocktails its probably much more complex and will provide more depth than the current well/cheaper level mezcals out there.

Bruxo No. 4 Ensamble

Aug 7, 2021

Woody, smokey, earthy, citrus fruit and very rugged/raw. Everything in the expressions seemed to be weighty and not my favorite mezcal to sip neat although for folks who like really direct flavors without much complexity this is for you. Well made mezcal to be sure – just not for the faint of heart.

Bruxo No. 5 Tobala

Aug 7, 2021

My favorite in their lineup – its got a nice sweet veggie profile – nothing overwhelming and you can get the Tobala notes right away. Easy to sip – very gentlemanly mezcal. Looking forward to trying this one again.

Coyote Sotol Chihuahua

Aug 4, 2021

Richer, sweeter, and more complex than their Durango expression. I got some citrus, dried fruit, mint, herbs, hay, etc. Great review from @wanderingspider to sum up this easy to drink Sotol.

Coyote Sotol Durango

Aug 4, 2021

Smooth almost to a fault – some great Sotol options at this price point so I’d go elsewhere – Even their offering from Chihuahua is preferred. Great tasting notes here from other reviewers but I found mostly earthy, tobacco, gentle smoke, and mineral sweetness. I’m still learning how to enjoy Sotol though so just a novice POV.

Dixeebe Pechuga

Aug 4, 2021

Full disclosure, I don’t drink much Pechuga but it was part of a tasting and its very nice although trailing the single agave expressions in this outstanding line from Cortes Family. Fruit forward for sure – I didn’t get much of the richer oily notes or agave flavors I get in the Del Maguey but this still delivers for the Pechuga lovers. High price point would normally take it down a half star to 3.5 but all Pechuga is expensive.

Dixeebe Cuishe

Aug 4, 2021

Tasted alongside the Dixeebe lineup at Puro Burro and what a beautiful expression. Soft, floral, summer fruit, and somehow gave me a cooling mouthfeel. Maybe the last part was because I was at the end of a long tasting but this one was memorable and worth a shot should you get the opportunity. Haven’t seen bottles in the US just yet 🙁

Vago Espadin – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

Aug 4, 2021

Great price – great product. Nice mouthfeel, full flavor, deep, rich, mineral, and sweet. Something in the soil (calcium carbonate) according to Vago that has me loving everything from Miahuatlán. Coming in at half the price point of most offerings from this region this is a great buy. Tasted side by side with similarly priced Espadins and it really stands out. Lot E5-E20 668 Liters Feb.2020 49.7%

Clase Azul Durango

Jul 28, 2021

Had the chance to try this for free so I wouldn’t be focused on the $200/bottle cost. Setting aside pricing this just seems like a muted/watered-down cenizo you would find for $40. Some lovely mezcal from Durango can be found at very reasonable prices so don’t let this expression discourage you. (Origen Raiz, Sacro Imperio, Leyendas, Legendario, Derrumbes, just to name a few). Bottle looks great but this seems to just be marketing/hype as opposed to a great mezcal.

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