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Mal Bien Papalote Reposado en Vidrio – Calzada

Jan 2, 2022

46.5% ABV
Initial nasal impact is warming. Aroma of grapefruit, guava and papaya with some new leather. Mouth feel has a coating warmth to it. Medium to full body with generous alcohol and initially sour/sweet. The grapefruit carries through on the flavor along with a Starbucks cold Frappuccino coffee drink. Some honeysuckle and herbal notes on the retro nasal. There is the presence of heat on the back end that lingers on the tongue, but not overwhelming during a long finish. Slightly complex character, correct balance. Very pleasant aftertaste. Another enjoyable bottle from Mal Bien

Rancho Tepúa Bacanora Blanco

Nov 18, 2021

Distilled: 03/15/16
Matured in glass: 273 days
Ltrs Produced: 438
LOT #: 001103.16
ABV: 47.5%
Initial nasal impact is dry and warming. The aroma hits with Miracle Grow Potting Soil, herbal and dried flowers. Some honey and cooked agave sweetness follow. A pungent, coating astringency on the tongue, and initially bitter. Spearmint, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, candied holiday nuts from my favorite ex mother in law, grilled super ripe pineapple are harmoniously balanced on the flavor. A flint minerality hits on the retro nasal. A really solid bacanora, especially for the price (about $60).

Del Maguey Tobala

Nov 12, 2021

LOT: TOB 161. 45% ABV
(Inkjet stamp on bottle is illegible)
Warm and drying initial nasal impact. The aroma opens with ripe mango and heavy cinnamon. A definite nice smoked lactic cheesy funk hits as well, really nice. Honeysuckle rounds out the nose. So far I’m all in. I definitely notice lots of boxes mentally being checked off on the aroma of this tobala. Definitely coating with some astringency (nice heat on the tongue) as the first impression on the mouth feel. A nice balance of sweet and sour, with a generous alcohol impact. There is a drying smoothness on the tongue. Ripe mango, cinnamon, honey and cooked agave lead the flavor profile. Some ripe banana, olive brine and some spearmint appear with some minerality sharpness. Crisp (not oily) fried green tomatoes, especially on the retro nasal. This is a complex tobala, as it keeps developing the more you sip it. There is a certain “sambuca component” that shows some ankle on the back end. Some of your neighbors fire pit provides a touch of smoke. The flavor keeps evolving on the finish while the heat dissepates off the tongue (although it never disappears). A nice long finish. A really good tobala

La Medida Tobala

Nov 12, 2021

Distilled and bottled in 2019. Tahona, Earthen oven, fermented in wooden barrels, 2x distilled in copper pot. 45%. Batch: SBG-T1902US
Initial nasal impact is warming and sweet. Vanilla and tangerine dominate the nose, reminiscent of a Creamsicle. A bit of tarragon is present.
Somewhat coating on the tongue with a sufficient presence of alcohol heat. Primary taste is sweet. The vanilla and tangerine carry over from the aroma to the flavor and dominates here as well. A bit of mint and light ash hit on the retro nasal. The heat stays on the tongue during a medium/long finish. This tobala is on the sweeter side.

La Higuera Cedrosanum

Nov 6, 2021

Lot: A14 (or A18 – difficult to read)
Bottle: 260T
Drying nasal impact. Aroma is predominantly mineral and fresh cut pine. A bit of caramel-like softness rounds out the nose.
Buttery coating on the tongue and mostly sour upfront. The flavor leans strongly to a minty licorice and pine. Stone fruit is found after the initial heat is tamed and becomes more noticeable on the retro nasal. Overall impression: Think of a pine forest after a heavy rain. Another really nice sotol from La Higuera and worthy of a spot on your shelf. Solid, but not extraordinary

Banhez Espadin & Barril

Sep 19, 2021

Lot B005EB4220
42% ABV
Baked tropical fruit, Jasmine, pumpkin, sweet potato and dry oregano on the nose.
Oily mouth feel gives way to minty eucalyptus, melon rind and agave on the flavor. The 10% Barril adds a nice sweetness to this mezcal. An excellent beginner mezcal, a mixer or a “just want to sip and enjoy/drink and not think” mezcal. Should be on every mezcal drinkers shelf.

Lagrimas de Dolores Sierreño

Sep 4, 2021

Botella 81/240
47% ABV Sierreno (agave wocomahi)
Very prickly, drying impact on the nose.
Eucalyptus, melon and wet slate on the aroma.
Flavor picks up the eucalyptus (although a bit on the burnt side) with flint, pickle and dill. Melon rind hits on the back end. Some hint of overdone brisket bark (in a good way) leads the way for the “smokiness”. Not an introductory mezcal. Those experienced mezcal drinkers will be wide-eyed at this hard to find agave and appreciate it’s uniqueness. I’ve only had two mezcals from here, but they have been very unique and rewarding pours

Gracias a Dios Espadin

Sep 4, 2021

Lot 02E18-2975
45% ABV
Apple and pear with cinnamon and fall spices on the aroma.
Astringent and drying initial impact on the tongue.
Definite apple carryover from the aroma to the flavor, but with a stronger smoke presence (I usually don’t describe it as ‘smoke’ – typically with high quality mezcal I think it is more ash, roast, hint of…. not in your face like liquid smoke). Cinnamon, allspice. Mouth feel is somewhat thin. It would turn off a beginner. More suitable as a mixer; served on rocks; an emergency sipper. I give it an extra half star for the price point (otherwise it would be middle of the road). Serviceable, not exceptional Espadin. But they all can’t be. Good for the price

El Jolgorio Mexicano

Aug 17, 2021

Mexicano. Edition 07. Harvest 2014. Bottle 119/800. 47% ABV. Regulo Martinez. Pulenque Rio Seco.
Prickly initial nasal impact. Aroma: wet ferns in a humid forest, pine resin, jalapeno, mint. Mouth feel is soft with a touch of soapiness (not in a bad way).
Nice initial ancho pepper heat on the tongue that gives way to a very mineral/slate flavor followed by honey, chocolate, mint, citrus zest, pine. A nice presence of smoke inhaled from cooking agave hits on the retro hale. There is a lactic component in the background and some dark berries. The buzz on the tongue lingers to an evolving finish. Keeps showing more ankle the more you drink it

Lagrimas de Dolores Lamparillo

Aug 10, 2021

Bottle 170/360 Lote L-6
Purchased in 7/2021
47% ABV
Slight warming on the initial nose impact. Aroma: Melon, tropical fruit, tamarind, ash from a fire pit (some say smoke).
Buttery to oily on the initial hit on the tongue.
Flavor leads strongly with melon, guava, honey and licorice (especially after it opens up a bit). Really nice black pepper on the tongue. Some bbq sauce lingering on the long finish. Overall well balanced. Extremely satisfying mezcal. Don’t see many Lamparillo mezcals, this is outstanding. If I had it in a 750ml I’d be in trouble. So good, this 200ml is toast tonight

Los Javis Cerrudo

Aug 6, 2021

Bottle 086/120 Bottled in 2015 Batch C-001C
47.59 ABV
Cerrudo (agave Americana)
Very ripe pear, mango, honeysuckle and slightly warming on the nose. Flavor is buttered corn, honey, a bit of bbq sauce (without the tanginess), papaya and fresh ash after you knock off some spent embers. (Not old smoke). Some anise in the background. Buttery initial impact on mouth feel. The white pepper heat, ash and flavors are well balanced. The heat lingers on the tongue as the butter and honey notes come through again the retro hale.

Montelobos Espadin

Aug 2, 2021

Lote: IU0405. 43.2%
Balance of some smoke/ash and heat. Aroma is earthy, baked apple, honey. Flavor carries over the baked apple with sweet potato and dark bbq sauce. Actually not bad. Good flavor, but not much depth to it. Good starter mezcal, not overwhelmingly smokey and not much heat. Sip or mix. Good price point

Koch Arroqueno Artesanal

Jul 29, 2021

Lot 01/19
Mezcalero Adrian Bautista
Clay and citrus zest on the aroma.
Astringent buzz initially hits the tongue and warming.
Flavor holds on to the citrus notes with some honey. Some mineral and floral character comes through on the finish. The heat on the tongue definitely dances around for a while, along with some ash. I agree with Taylor that there is some blueberry that is present in the background that is picked up on the sides of the tongue. Again with Koch, well made at a very good price point.

Koch Espadin Artesanal

Jul 29, 2021

Lot 01/19
Ripe tropical fruit and some brine on the aroma, followed by light herbs and vegetal (blanched then chilled green beans).
Flavor of ripe melon with Werther’s caramel candy. Slight coconut hits next. Honey and some green bean comes through on the retro hale. Ash smoke, but balanced. The 47% ABV is lingering but still allows flavor to develop after initial sip. Very nice Espadin for the low price point

Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio

Jul 27, 2021

Lot SLR – 181 47% ABV
Aroma – tropical fruit, wet slate, citrus, bazooka bubblegum. Flavor follows the aromas present, with tropical fruit Lifesaver candy. Drying impact on the tongue. Some mild off the grill smokiness. Pepper heat lingers on the tongue with some tropical fruit sweetness cutting in. Not overly complex, but a good drinker

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