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Lamata Lamparillo

Mar 27, 2023

first time to sample a lamparillo.the nose was spicy and sweet.lots of black pepper.like entering a spice store that was next to a bakery.the palate is complex.angel food cake without the icing and a strong wave of black pepper.the finish is medium in length.very controlled and pleasant heat and a very nice anise finish.i am ok with the anise if it isnt overbearing.very unique.not an everyday sipper but a nice change and treat.was hard to find but worth the effort.

Agua del Sol Mexicano – Francisco Garcia León

Sep 19, 2022

i have had this mezcal by 2 different mezcaleros (one by leon and the other by santana).both are excellent.this review is for the santana version (92% abv).the nose is fruit forward and sweet with no harsh vapors.the palate is very controlled and compact.pear and apple(sweet not tart).agave sugars and a dry hay finish.very soft.some black pepper.i get something very similar out of the el jolgorio mexicano.lovely mezcal and a bargain price

5 Sentidos Pizorra

Aug 5, 2022

i waited 3 years to review this mezcal.i was hoping that time would change the profile.this is the flask edition.it has been on my shelf all this time but only sampled 3 or 4 times with the same result.its ok.its not the typical tep.the nose is full of ginger,menthol and slight smoke.the palate follows the nose with very reserved sweetness.i wanted to like this mezcal but it has this sour lactic note that i cant get past.i have had other mezcal with lactic qualities that i enjoyed (for example-salmiana) but this one is a little off-putting.not terrible but not my first or second choice.

El Buho Especial Tobala-Espadin

Jul 8, 2022

had to sample this more than once.like the other el buho mezcals i have tried,the nose is faint but opens gently after a few minutes.first sip my impression was average mezcal.thin and somewhat watery. a few weeks later it changed for the better.caramel pie with slight salty crust.the tobola dominates but there are slight espadin notes on the finish.fresh and light body with burnt sugar notes.this is a perfect match for the hottest days of summer. sipping this while enjoying a sunset.highly enjoyable!

Legendario Domingo Guerrero Cupreata

Jun 17, 2022

this mabey a slightly above average mezcal. have had worse and better.i am a huge cupreata fan and this bottle has those qualities.strong spearmint and good smoke on the tongue.i like some heat on a pour but this one was harsh(even for me).some vanilla pudding on the finish. i agree with rakhal.would rate it higher without the alcohol note.its possible that it will mellow with time. could be more enjoyable if its not the evenings first pour.

El Buho Especial Pulquero

May 16, 2022

this pulquero was actually an arroqueno.the label indicates it is americana.very unique.this mezcaleros mezcals are all high quality but all have a very reserved nose.there is a very pleasant sweet chalk quality.the flavor is kind of a graham cracker honey.very little heat and a lovely finish.this one was hard to find but worth the effort.delicious!

5 Sentidos Espadillon

Apr 1, 2022

just stunning!the nose makes me think karwinski.the palate has green notes of a karwinski with bold sweet espadin and an earthy tobala.i have had numerous ensembles but the flavors were so distinct and seperate.so silky with little bite.nice mellow long finish with gentle smoke.what a shame that this agave was almost erased by espadin.so unique and beautiful!

Tosba Espadilla

Mar 3, 2022

vanilla bomb!nose is like vanilla frosting on a fresh made cake.the palate is like the nose.reminds me a little of the vanilla cokes i would get at drive ins when i was a kid.subtle smoke and a vanilla frosting finish.a treasure!

5 Sentidos de Horno

Feb 22, 2022

nice sipper.this is not a mezcal thats in your face but rather one with subtle and delicate notes.the nose is pleasant and reminds me more of a vegetal karwinski than an americana.very mild heat inspite of its 49 % abv.i agree with jonny on the tropical and mint notes.mild smoke and finish.this is a rare mezcal from this region and i feel like it was a good purchase.very good but not outstanding.

Pierde Almas Tepextate

Feb 16, 2022

absolutely incredible! 55%-rodolfo hernandez.this has some heat but in a pleasing way.veggie green pepper sweetness.earthy with a loooooong finish.great smoke.wonderful spices and all that a tep should be.this mezcalero also produces under the pluma negra label which are also stellar.the strange thing that rudolfos mezcals have in common is a very reserved nose.this one blew me out of my shoes!

Pluma Negra Espadin 48%

Jan 10, 2022

so amazingly soft and silky!full body sweet.you would not believe this was a 48 % abv mezcal.this is what an espadin should be at its best and even a step better.this mezcalero knows his craft well.sweet agave fruit.nice subtle smoke and no bite.medium finish.a treat that would be very easy to sip on all evening.mabey too easy!

La Tierra de Acre Cenizo

Nov 19, 2021

this was a pleasant suprise.price was 45.00 a bottle with a lower abv(45 %).cenizos have a candy sweetness that i enjoy when i am in the mood for that flavor.the nose has sweet grapes and slight smoke.the grape follows on the palate with all-spice and black pepper.the sweetness reminds me of a fruit roll-up.it seems to have a very sophisticated spice finish that lingers.incredibly smooth with gentle heat.a wonderful evening opener !purchased 2 bottles a few months ago on line but cant find it anymore.i hope this will be available again.wonderful.

Origen Raiz Madrecuishe

Jul 14, 2021

wonderful madre! perfect example of this agave.earthy-veggie notes.raw celery.turnips.lettuce.like a salad wrapped in sweet pie crust.slight heat and good smoke on a long finish. hints of some holiday spices.very nice treat.not lacking in bold flavor.

Real Minero Becuela

Jul 14, 2021

jonny was right.this had to be one of the softest mezcals i have ever had.ordered from old town tequila.lovely tep profile.green bell pepper and garden produce.gentle smoke.very velvety and enjoyable but the flavor wasnt a knockout.i have had other teps that stood out more.very good but falling slightly short considering the 200.00 price tag. 4 stars for the gentle and sweet quality.would rate it higher if the cost was lower.UPDATE:this has been opened for a few weeks and it blossomed beautifully.it kept its soft profile and the flavors really jump out.amazing what time can do.more clay sweetness.makes you salivate!

El Buho Especial Arroqueño

Jun 30, 2021

fantastic! the nose gives little indication of the palate because it is faint (almost none).small wiff of agave and sugar.the palate is best described as a dark red sweet apple.wonderful spices.mainly cinnamon and black pepper.great smoke and a deep sweet complexity.there is some fleeting heat up front but in a pleasant way.long and beautiful finish.makes your taste buds rave!one of the best i have had in a while!

Sacro Imperio Cenizo

Jun 9, 2021

i am just now discovering more cenizos.in the past i have only sampled 3 until about 2 months ago.they all seem to have a sweet and fruity quality that reminds me of spree candy.this one has that but has a sophisticated profile too.i get the savory mushroom and cinnamon note that tyler mentioned but get different spices from start to finish.complex and sweet.very mellow.kinda starchy.very delicious and a great bargain!i am going through this bottle so fast.the kind of mezcal thats hard to stop consuming.

Legendario Domingo Oaxaca Espadin

Mar 22, 2021

very good quality.i dont know if its a 4 star but is very close.espadin profile to the bone.fat-semi sweet agave flavor.orange peel/tangerine on the nose and palate.initial taste was not sweet but slightly bitter like orange zest.like zack said,the second pull had a much sweeter flavor.earthy finish with pleasant heat.no harshness.if you factor the price,it may be a 4 star.very pleased with this bottle.

Rey Campero Mexicano + Cuishe + Tepeztate + Coyote

Mar 22, 2021

incredible!the nose on this was almost nil.it didnt give any hint of the amazing flavor.i got reserved notes of pepper and fruit scent.the initial taste was all over the place.an explosion of salty, sweet,hot,and spicy.mid way i got hints of the individual agaves but each note would transition into another very quickly.i got the candy notes that the others mentioned on the finish.it had some strong heat but was fleeting and i thought it was the perfect match for the complexity.very compact.one sample isnt enough to try and define this fine spirit.

Legendario Domingo Durango Cenizo

Mar 15, 2021

wow!beautiful mezcal.popping the top on this was like sticking your nose into a fresh bowl of green grapes.all the cenizos i have sampled seem to have that candy fruit profile.the palate reminds me of sweet tarts candy and a nice grape finish.fresh and delicious with a slight bite!

El Rey Zapoteco Espadin

Mar 15, 2021

very good espadin!i am not sure if the term capon applies to this mezcal as far as cutting the flowering stalk on the agave plant.it is a notch above the standard espadin, in my opinion.a freshly opened botlle offers very little on the nose at first.after 10 or fifteen minutes there is a nice floral and sweet smell.the palate is silky and mellow.very sweet with black pepper and honey notes,the finish is very pleasant with a hint of smoke and no bite.down the middle espadin profile and a great bargain.all the el reys are excellent.i had purchased a bottle of the joven about 6 years ago and was not impressed with the old label.it looks like the escobar family put some extra care and effort into their latest products. nicely done!

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