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Siete Misterios Mexicano

Nov 27, 2017

borderline 5 star.very silky and sweet to start.the transition to spice and fruit is seemless.spice is not strong but is present.cinnamon on the finish with slight earth and clay.the finish is so easy and it all ties together without flaw.the nose is mild and sweet.but reserved.this is one that you want to continue again and again!!not as spicy as other mexicanos but is sweeter.alcohol is barely detected.

Ilegal Joven

Nov 16, 2017

i agree with another review.the repo and anejo are great.this one is good.perfect for an evening opener.its best to have a fresh pallete to enjoy the subtle notes.the nose is mild with agave and baked sugar.the taste is vanilla,agave and mild green pepper.no smoke or deep flavor but is justified by price.nice flavor but is short.good quality and have no problem sipping.can be overshadowed by more complex (and expensive) mezcals.

Yuu Baal Anejo

Nov 13, 2017

the best quality of this mezcal is the incredible smoothness.no bite.the least quality is the flavor as a whole.it isnt bad.its not one of the better mezcals,in my opinion.this is a case of a mezcal that doesnt age well.the notes are similar to aged tequila.it is semisweet with smoke but has a distinct bitter.a little hint of cheap whiskey.doent do much for me but i have had much worse.i havent tried the joven but have some purchased.read the reviews and decided to give it a go.will update once i have tried it.

Vago Tobala – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

Nov 13, 2017

no joke!this is one of the best mezcals i have ever tried.it is a 2016(blue label),emidgio jarquin edition.the scent is floral and vegetal.the taste follows the scent.spice is there but subtle.layers of flowers,honey and root veggies.cinnamon and some saline.balanced and silky from start to finish.a treasure!in my top 3.becoming more and more of a vago devotee.

Scorpion Anejo

Nov 13, 2017

some mezcals dont age well but this one does!the nose reminds me of an anejo tequila.familiar oak,char,and vanilla scent.the entry is sweet with honey,smoke and tofee.mid way it opens up with sweet burnt cigar and a creamy texture.the finish is more smoke and a hint of bourbon.delicious!the price is a bargain!

Siembra Metl Don Mateo Cupreata

Nov 10, 2017

this is one that borders between 3 and 4 stars.so i gave it 4.it seems similar to the illegal blanco but with a little more character.not any single note that stands out but a good experience as a whole.nose is subtle and more like an espadin.nice fruit and good balance of sweet and mineral with no smoke.very.very easy to drink.tasty and good price.

Los Amantes Joven

Nov 10, 2017

very tasty.creamy mouthfeel.vanilla,spice and burnt black pepper.some apple and slight citrus.some smoke at the finish.very sooth and full of flavor.subtle.very faint on the nose.gentle sipper.the anejo version is wonderful.

Unión Uno

Nov 9, 2017

very nice.vanilla bean and mild black pepper.smooth entry and finish .good mezcal at any price but at 35.00 a bottle,it is a steal.very good sipper.easy to sip on all evening.

Siete Misterios Coyote

Nov 9, 2017

americana sweetness.reserved spice and clay notes.exceptioal clean and distinct flavor.soft finish.very good.aftertaste of vanilla and campfire.tried for the first time on halloween night.for some reason it added to the experience.

Koch Espadin Artesanal

Nov 9, 2017

this is a bargain.i can purchase this locally for 35.00 and it is easily comparable to mezcals that cost twice as much.entry and mid has sweet fruit,bubble gum and slight smoke.finish is smooth as a babys butt.this is almost too easy to drink!very tasty and sweet.really great brand .

El Jolgorio Espadin

Nov 9, 2017

one of the best espadins i have ever had!wild variety made by parada.hard to pick out individual notes but the sum is greater than single parts.no bite or burn.full agave sweetness with hint of smoke.goes down like water.some mint at the start.excellent!

Del Maguey Madrecuixe

Nov 8, 2017

had high hopes for this one but fell a little short.i have had many of this brand that were excellent.this one seems muted.it is slightly vegetal and semi sweet.its good but doesnt compare to other madre like the vago edition.i wouldnt mind but the bottle was close to 100.00.for that price, i was expecting more.

Vago Madre Cuixe – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

Nov 8, 2017

amazing!almost no hint of its high alcohol content.nose is floral and veggie.the taste follows the scent.entry is sweet agave and honey notes.midway is vegetal-tomato-cucumber-potato.the finish is a soft landing with slight smoke.this was a jarquin edition.absolutely wonderful!

Rey Campero Espadin

Nov 8, 2017

first time to try this brand.it was good/ok.the initi8al taste is strong agave and pepper.the finish is semi bitter with some mineral.not one of the better espadins.might have given a higher rating if the price was around 40.00 but it was closer to 60.00.slight let down but is very drinkable.

Koch Lumbre

Nov 8, 2017

this is very good.delicate with notes of cacao, pineapple and mellow agave.very soft but full of flavor.has similar personality to other koch varieties but is distinct.first time to try a lumbre and really dont know how to compare it to other agave.excellent choice as an opener for the evening.very mellow.

Marca Negra Tepeztate

May 24, 2017

good fruit on the nose and taste buds.no smoke(or very little).strong alcohol but not too strong.fuit cocktail and spice.finish is quick.sweet and fat flavor.del magueys version of this agave is wonderful but this one is good.

Alipus San Andres

May 24, 2017

good mezcal for the price.reminds me (slightly) of the amaras cupreata.slight vinegar with honeysuckle.semisweet wiih pepper.has a strong alcohol bite.very good but not 4 star.

Vago Mexicano – Aquilino

May 24, 2017

very deep and earthy.fresh garden produce with soil still on the veggies.this bottle was the 100 percent mexxicano.caramel with mild black pepper.some hint of banana and citrus.what amazed me was the very long finish.the taste just kept on going.would not start the night with this one unless the mezcals that follow are as good if not better.it can overshadow lesser spirits.lovely!

Pierde Almas Espadin

May 17, 2017

very good mezcal.i find this brand to be like a close cousin to vago.very similar in taste but some small differences.the heat is up front.evergreen notes and lots of black pepper.finish is sweet and minty.very warming in the chest.clean taste but stout.continue to consume this in one evening will put you on your ass quick.the price is a steal.i have tried other varieties of this brand and they are top notch.

La Nina del Mezcal Espadin

May 15, 2017

this is the first and only version of this brand i have tried.good smoke with spearmint.a little nutty.full rounded flavor with a mild kick.very balanced.this would be one that would be easy to consume all evening without being tiresome or taxing.great taste and good bargain.

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