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Vago Mexicano – Aquilino

May 24, 2017

very deep and earthy.fresh garden produce with soil still on the veggies.this bottle was the 100 percent mexxicano.caramel with mild black pepper.some hint of banana and citrus.what amazed me was the very long finish.the taste just kept on going.would not start the night with this one unless the mezcals that follow are as good if not better.it can overshadow lesser spirits.lovely!

Pierde Almas Espadin

May 17, 2017

very good mezcal.i find this brand to be like a close cousin to vago.very similar in taste but some small differences.the heat is up front.evergreen notes and lots of black pepper.finish is sweet and minty.very warming in the chest.clean taste but stout.continue to consume this in one evening will put you on your ass quick.the price is a steal.i have tried other varieties of this brand and they are top notch.

La Nina del Mezcal Espadin

May 15, 2017

this is the first and only version of this brand i have tried.good smoke with spearmint.a little nutty.full rounded flavor with a mild kick.very balanced.this would be one that would be easy to consume all evening without being tiresome or taxing.great taste and good bargain.

Mayalen Borrego

May 15, 2017

very distinct.the aroma is very light and thin.the entry is the same but it opens quickly.flavor is mild and sweet.citrus and lots of mint.nice pepper and spice .what makes it stand out is a vinegar undertone.cupreatas seem to have a bright clean taste that i enjoy.very easy to drink and mild considering the high proof.the mayalens also give a buzz that is up.love the effect as well as the taste.high quality.very well worth the price.

Fidencio Unico

Apr 20, 2017

this is a good bargain.the price is low but it is a good quality mezcal.it has a good full agave flavor but is very light.this is an ideal spirit for the summer.the nose is rich and typical of an espadin.entry is some sweet mixed with black pepper.midway the taste opens to more spice and mild sugar.the finish is quick and clean.the buzz is also clean.i enjoy having a beer to sip in between samples of mezcal or tequila.they seem to compliment each other.this one is very easy to sip on.it is the first fidencio i have tried and found it mild and pleasant.i have seen many good reviews for this brand and i dont think anyone would go wrong in purchasing this one.

Los Amantes Anejo

Apr 17, 2017

like a dessert!wow!los amantes (both joven and aged) has a very nice thick mouth feel.nose is sweet smokey and mild.the entry is honey and hot chocolate.midway opens to butter and cream and the finish is warm and spicy.black pepper and very smooth.incredible treat!the blanco is very good too but not as deep and complex.worth every penny!

Scorpion Silver

Apr 11, 2017

price doesnt always equate with quality.this mezcal is not expensive but is one of my favorites.the flavor is sweet with strong anise.the licorice is not overpowering but balanced with mild hot pepper.creamy mouth feel.good heat.the aged scorpions are great too!they have a slight burnt tobacco quality that i really enjoy.i guess they felt the need to include the scorpion in the bottle as a marketing gimmick.the truth is that the spirit stands strong on its own.delicious!

Los Danzantes (Los Nahuales) Anejo

Apr 11, 2017

easy 5 star.lots of spice, vanilla,honey,and floral notes.no one flavor dominates.the finish is long with nice black pepper and spice.truly a treat!again,the agave fruit stands out with this brand!wow!

Los Danzantes (Los Nahuales) Joven

Apr 11, 2017

very tasty!lots of sweet agave fruit.reminds me of a stick of juicy fruit gum.slight hint of pepper and spice.bold full vanilla flavor.mild heat and mellow from start to finish.so easy to consume.the nose is fruit and vanilla.no citrus or smoke.these folks make a wondeful mezcal at a great price.top quality.the anejo is total bliss!

Del Maguey Pechuga

Apr 5, 2017

this one is very strong!it is very up front and will take your breath.after the shock,there is alot of fruit,nut and spice.the finish is unique in that it reminds me of sweettart candy.very nice mezcal.would give it 5 stars if the alcohol was a little less dominating.

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Apr 5, 2017

all del magueys are great except the vida (its ok for mixing).all other reviewers mention the complexity of this fine mezcal.i totally agree.i have enjoyed this mezcal the last 10 years on a regular basis.i sometimes get new and different nuances with new bottles.the main basics i get everytime is mixtures of mint,cinnamon and chocolate.not always in that order and there is pepper kick swirling in the mix from start to finish.lovely!try the albarradas.its very good too.its very spicy and dry.

Del Maguey Wild Papalome

Apr 5, 2017

this may be my number1!!!cotton candy and deep leather on the nose.entry is savory with mushroom and dark cherry/black berry.finish is a hint of dark chocolate and sweet agave.OMG!! would give it six stars if possible!

Marca Negra Espadin

Apr 5, 2017

SMOKE,SMOKE,SMOKE!sweet,deep and nice spice.long finish with good heat.good quality.great for winter nights.this one will kick you in the bohunkus!

Vago Espadin – Aquilino Garcia Lopez

Apr 5, 2017

no whimp here!there are some mezcals that are very ballsy and in your face!when i am in the mood for a stiff upper-cut (in a good way),this is one i really like.the flavor and the punch is all up front.then it dereases very quick.VERY warming.taste is strong pine and mint and rich agave sweetness.very tasty but will put a foot in the ass!

Don Mateo Alto

Apr 5, 2017

excellent.pine and citrus with hint of smoke.very distinct and unique.subtle and light.great as an evening opener.i think this would be great for hot summer evenings!

Bruxo No. 3 Barril

Apr 5, 2017

get this one if you can!this is one of the most pleasant mezcals i have consumed!excellent spice.sweet banana/fig and so very clean.the finish is quick and in a wisp.at least in my top 5.delicious!!

Amaras Cupreata

Apr 4, 2017

i agree with the other reviewers.this mezcal is a treat.it is unique in taste.it has a slight sweet vinegar flavor with earthy veggie and spice.very mellow.this was the one that made me seek out other cupreatas.havent found one i like as much as this one.great finish.the espadin is pretty good too.

Sombra Joven

Mar 30, 2017

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.while i respect the opinion of other reviewers, its true that we all get something different from a sample.my close location to texas has allowed the chance to sample many mezcals,tequilas,sotols ,racillias and bacanora.i hope to enjoy many more in my life. IN MY OPINION,this is a very lovely and wonderful spirit.the price makes it that much more of a treasure. it has a very deep sweetness(not overly) and a broad almost fat full flavor.lots of agave.mellow from start to finish.a few seconds after consuming there is a pleasant building of heat that hits in the chest.lovely pepper and honey.one of my favorites regardless of price.in my 50 years of age,i have found that i will taste a spirit too fast.when i go back and give it another try,i find that it was something i over looked.this is not always the rule but does occur especially with the complex nature of agave spirits. i think sombra is worthy of praise.when i sample,i always try to have a clean pallet(as much as possible). it is so fantastic to have so many to choose from.

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