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A traveling photographer that has an obsession for Mezcal and authentic Mexican cuisine. I figured that this place would understand me a bit.
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Mezcalero No. 22

Dec 1, 2019

This one was another excellent Bicuishe. It gives me a white wine type of flavor of white sour Grapes with a strong cologne funk that navigates through the palate giving it almost a champagne like taste of sweetness. I love the strength of the biquishe itself.

Lalocura Tobala

Nov 15, 2019

One of my favorite Tobalas instantly on the first taste. First notes I received were the sour apples and the candied tarts. It gives it a very cotton candy type of flavor, but not with the intense sweetness as much which gives it a wonderful subtle sweet flavor that isn’t to overpowering like some other Tobalas. This one is sensational and I had to buy a bottle from Eduardo himself when I visited his Palenque.

Lalocura Tobasiche

Nov 15, 2019

This is my favorite out of the Lalocura line. The first taste I get is a slight blueberry that gets blended with a nice BBQ type of spice that ends with a nice layer of coconut cream on the end of it making it a really delightful layered Tobasiche.

Lalocura Pechuga

Nov 8, 2019

This Pechuga is outstanding. The notes of bananas, orange rinds, nuts, and a slight poultry flavor at the end is sooooo delicious. I got my hands on the fruits and the nuts after they had been in the distillation process and they were amazing especially eating them while sipping the Pechuga itself. This Pechuga is slightly sweet with a wonderful balance across the board with a very fruity mouthful. Lalo seems to be a master at working with the Tobasiche agave which is also incredible as well.

Koch Coyote – Jabali

Nov 2, 2019

Not a whole lot going on with this Jabali. It is smooth, but very little flavor in it to speak on. Mainly mineral notes with very little smoke in the flavor

Real Minero Barril, Cuishe

Oct 31, 2019

Nice notes of citrus, wet leaves, chocolate, strong minerals, soft butter, and very smooth like any Real Minero.

Del Maguey Tobala

Oct 10, 2019

I didn’t find to much flavor in this Tobala. It was good, but it had just a little bit of the Floral flavors that were hitting and a pretty earthy smokiness to it. Gave it 3 Stars due to the high price attached to it. Tobala is one of my favorite agaves so I hold a pretty high standard for any Tobala.

Wahaka Tobala

Oct 10, 2019

I love this Tobala. Had it right after sipping Del Maguey’s and definitely liked this one better. It has a really nice well balanced floral Tobala flavor that feels really clean, wet, and welcoming like a summer rain that cools you off on a hot day. I think this is an excellent Mezcal to let newbs try out as well since it isn’t as aggressive in its flavor.

Nuestra Soledad Lachigui

Oct 10, 2019

Hearing that Pedro Vasquez made this had me very intrigued and excited for this. It has a strong mineral flavor that hits you pretty early with fresh sweet pepper flavors from the Espadin and a little bit of floral notes. It finishes with a nice subtle hint of chocolate that is very common in Pedro’s El Jolgorio batches I’ve had. Very nice Espadin.

Derrumbes Durango

Oct 10, 2019

I loved it. This is the 3rd one I’ve had from Durrumbes and I’ve loved each one as they were all so different. This one is heavy towards the smoked cantaloupe, papaya, carrots, citrus and ginger with a nice earthy vegetal finish. Not very smokey either. I felt like this Mezcal had a very distinctive profile of flavors that I don’t taste that often, so it made a really nice change up.

El Jolgorio Mexicano

Oct 5, 2019

This Mexicano felt very soft and crackly when your first touch it to your lips. You then start getting strong notes of cocao, cinnamon, chocolate cream, with some small hints of lime and ginger. The cocao flavor stands out the most to me. The softness is delicious and this bottle is definitely worth adding to the collection. Everything from El Jolgorio has been nothing short of amazing. This Mexicano is no different.

El Jolgorio Tepeztate

Oct 5, 2019

This one is an instant all time fav. It immediately hits you hard with a citrus jalapeno flavor that slides into notes of chocolate, caramel, and amber, and then it transforms through a dark wet forest of ginger, wintergreen flavors of wet leaves, old logs, spearmint while traveling through the season of fall. This is magic in a bottle where you are touching the drip from the old rain of the forest. The liquid itself is also very buttery making it tingle where you just want to chew this Mezcal. Definitely worth the price.

Harvest: 2017 Edition: 16 Bottle: 802 of 1,200

5 Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano

Aug 20, 2019

Best and most unique Pechuga I’ve gotten my hands on. Extremely unique due to it having such a strong smell on the nose and in the taste. It smells like a raw chicken splattered with mole with flavors of chocolate, nuts, and other spices but it really is like eating a mole dish through a liquid. It may not be everyone’s favorite due to it’s strength in flavors, but it will definitely stand out as a great novelty item at the very least.

Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul

Jan 27, 2019

Walked through the garden tasting herbacious notes of green peppers off the stone with sweet citrus hints running through the layers ending with a nice mint finish. Loved this one from Del Maguey. If you like Chichicapa, I’d recommend this one.

Xicaru Reposado

Dec 26, 2018

Butterscotch flavors with a very nice touch of smoke, but extremely smooth. One of my favorite mixers that you can actually drink on the rocks if you want to.

Montelobos Espadin

Dec 26, 2018

I just didn’t find anything special about this one. Typical Espadin that is good for mixing, but nothing that spoke out to me in this one.

Miel de Tierra Anejo

Dec 26, 2018

Love this one especially when considering the price. Sipping it neat gives it a strong honey and smoked pineapple flavors that’s a very smooth finish. Once its put on the rocks it transforms into flavors like macadamia nut, coconut cream, and vanilla. I call it the transformer Mezcal and easily one of my favorite Anejos.

Delirio Anejo

Dec 26, 2018

Very fulfilling Anejo. Strong butterscotch flavor on the front end that gets a strong powerful cinnamon spicy flavor of mesquite and slight caramel on the finish while tasting a slight blend of the espadin/Cuishe agave flavors. Very bold Anejo and one of the few that I prefer sipping neat and not on the rocks.

Nucano Cuishe

Nov 15, 2018

Has a nice front end burst of the green peppers and earthy flavor, but ends with a slightly harsh heavy smoke that I was hoping would be a little bit more smooth. Good price for a Cuishe in general, but this one gave me a headache the next morning, so I’d stay away from this one. Big reason why I drink Mezcal is because its the cleanest alcohol there is when you wake up. This one disappointed me.

Xicaru Silver

Oct 14, 2018

Really good mixing Mezcal for me. Not a lot on the nose or flavors mixed into the Agave. I can find this bottle for $26.99 by my house, and for that price I love having this one at home. Typical Espadin but great value for a mixer that will have you feeling great the next morning

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