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mostly nerdy about tequila. Mezcal seems like the wild west compared to tequila--so many different types and tastes.
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Maguey Melate Jabali – German Manzano Martínez

Jan 9, 2022

One of my favorites from the club so far! Really good from aroma to finish. Different than espadín or other varieties. While I’m not a jabalí expert this mezcal is great! Great flavors and unique taste. Aroma is floral with mild sweetness. Taste is super fun and complex. Finish makes you want more.
The Maguey Melate club has done a great job with this box. I love that they find some rare stuff and I get to try it.
Batch Ger-Jab-001. Bottle 163.

Maguey Melate Lechuguilla – Dolores González Torres

Dec 6, 2021

Aroma is good with roasted agave, juicy fruit gum and hints of pine. Taste is really nice with with some mint and lots of pepper. A bit spicy in taste. While thin in the mouth the finish is long and mostly good with more sweet mint and some earthy/garden undertones. The finish might have a light burnt rubber thing happening, but I don’t notice it every sip.
I didn’t like Lechugilla when I had it before but this is good to really good status. Fun and light with good flavors. Nice job MM for December!

Dixeebe Pechuga

Nov 20, 2021

Batch two, 2020. Turkey, bananas, orange, guava, pineapple, apples and prunes. Pretty incredible aromas and flavors!
Tasted with Asis at his hotel bar. He explained the meaning of “Dixeebe”: “Energy and love from the heart”. In the context of being with the people that matter in your life. Dixeebe! And happy Thanksgiving!

Los Javis Tepeztate

Nov 17, 2021

2015, batch TZ 007 47%. After sampling Los Javis’ Espadín and reposado this was an improvement in the evening! The aroma was ok, a bit floral with river rock. The taste was good with light garden qualities of cucumber and cilantro. Overall a good tepextate. Thanks Guillermo (from Los Javis) for the taste (or two…or three).

Los Javis Reposado

Nov 8, 2021

Ok to good for what it is. It’s a low ABV mezcal that is overly saturated with wood to be appreciated as a mezcal. The flavors remind me of Zignum-which isn’t bad, just not traditional mezcal in my book.
Tasted at Baja Bettys (San Diego) November 2021.

Los Javis Espadin

Nov 8, 2021

Solid and good budget espadín. Nice bottle too. Ok to sip but with low ABV and rather low complexity I would use this for delicious drinks.
Tasted at Baja Bettys Agave club (San Diego) November 2021. Guillermo from Los Javis was wonderfully educating the club about the company and how to properly sip this espadín.

Dixeebe Espadin

Nov 6, 2021

REALLY good espadín! Tasted July 2021 with Asís at his hotel bar. Edición 2. Well balanced, full flavor, strong with a bit of sweetness.
This was a long mezcal-fueled day and I am sure I had some palate fatigue. But when available in the USA I will buy this.

Vago Espadin en Barro

Oct 20, 2021

This is really good! All this flavor from Espadín is incredible. So strong and yet subtle in flavor. Heat is about as perfect as it gets. I was excited when Rakhal mentioned chocolate milk but maybe not with this batch. Chalky minerality, floral and fruity on entry then finishes with excellent heat and earthy sweetness. Long finish. Extra half star for value!

Update Jan 2023–I tasted this alongside Tío Rey’s ensamble. Here are some thoughts…
Hotter than the ensamble, with tropical fruit and peach for the aroma. Taste has good heat with some citrus tang. Not as complex as the ensamble. The finish is good, with some slight bitterness but with building heat down the throat.

February 2020, 588 liters, 49.6%.

Maguey Melate Papalometl Pechuga – Martinez

Oct 12, 2021

Wow. What a vibrant aroma and flavor! Definitely getting the raisins and nuts that this is distilled with. There is a hint of the plantains on the aroma and finish. In the mouth there is good, sweet heat with very light smoke. There is hint of gasoline as well, but so light it doesn’t detract much. Very oily and sweet—is that a hint of the creole chicken? This is full of cinnamon and spice. Almost an after dinner drink, not an all night sipper. Keep this as a fun taster for friends to guess the many aromas and flavors.
Batch JOS PEC 001

Maguey Melate Cucharillo – Agustin Guendulain Maya

Oct 7, 2021

Not my favorite. If this is indicative of Sotol then I might shy away. Aroma is good with floral and fruity goodness. There is even some dusty minerality that is quite pleasant. Taste is where this one falls off. Entry is ok with some good taste and heat but the back of my mouth almost puckers up with some acrid bitterness. That same bitterness continues on the finish. The finish does linger and mellows with good heat and roasted peppercorns. I am happy to have tried this Palm Distillate although I don’t prefer it.
Batch April 2021

Maguey Melate Ensamble – Artemio Garcia Cruz

May 30, 2021

Good stuff with a lot going on. El Dawg is right about no one maguey overpowering anyone else. This is good, complex mezcal. Just when I think it is more fruity and sweet I get hints of earth and minerals. There is a really long finish with some fun peppermint that develops. 50% abv.
It comes with a 60.9% taster bottle as well. Aroma is a bit better on the higher proof version-stronger with more flavors. Still no alcohol fumes. Nice. The taste is quite a bit bolder and hotter with some alcohol on entry. Still very good! I think I like the higher proof version a more, maybe another half star to the original 3.

Maguey Melate Arroqueno – Rosario Ángeles Vasquéz

May 18, 2021

I love that she is a new mezcalera. Good stuff too!
Aroma is interesting with “clay funk” (thanks El Dawg for that description) but also lime zest, spicy peppers and maybe cream cheese. Taste is fairly hot with some earthy barn flavors and pepper. It finishes nicely with more lime zest from the aroma. Overall good stuff.

Maguey Melate Espadin Chacaleño – Carlos Ángulo Rios

May 17, 2021

This is one of my favorites from the club so far, up there with Don Fede’s espadilla. Bottle number 679. The aroma is super interesting and really good: rich with cedar sawdust and bright mango-it says “drink me”. Taste is as yummy as the aroma with good wood from campfire-but not smokey-maybe pine and some more fruit tastes. Finish is exceptionally long and great. It evolves the wonderful tastes and aromas. Más Chacaleño por favor.

Maguey Melate Tepextate – Reina Sanchez

Mar 7, 2021

Awesome bbq aroma. Lots of Smokey, wood flavors. Taste is wonderful and smooth. Finish is long and flavorful.

Maguey Melate Cucharillo – Hermogenes Vasquez Garcia

Feb 9, 2021

While I did not like this one, I didn’t dislike it. It’s very interesting. Aroma is like wet socks, but somehow in a good way. The taste is very musty with potting soil and mushrooms. ¡Muy interesante!

Maguey Melate Espadilla/ Tobala – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Feb 7, 2021

This is great. I love Don Fede’s Espadilla solo, but this ensamble is sensational. So much going on with from aroma to finish. Wow. Great balance and flavor.
Note to self review this next to the Espadilla base.

Maguey Melate Chuparrosa

Jan 16, 2021

My least favorite from the first Maguey Melate tasting box.
The aroma is not bad with mango,
pineapple and light smoke.
Taste is not good with way too much smoke and bitterness.
The finish is bitter with gasoline aftertaste.

Maguey Melate Espadilla – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Jan 4, 2021

This is from the first tasting box. It’s my favorite from the box. Aroma is good with light smoke and root vegetables possibly squash – very clean.

Taste is great and well-balanced. There is a hint of smoke, and light fruit.

The finish is sensational! There is a really good heat and all of the flavors and aromas balance together for a long lasting trip to the tummy!

I have seen great reviews for the ensamble version of this with Tobalá. I would love to try it.

Maguey Melate Cupreata – Federico Valentín Alva Ibáñez

Dec 23, 2020

Really nice all around. From the Maguey Melate tasting box. Aroma is good, clean with light smoke. Rakhal was right when he mentioned cedar. The taste is bold and strong but the finish is my favorite part: it’s like hot lava and asparagus! Super fun.

Maguey Melate Cuixe – Juan Antonio Coronel Maya

Dec 16, 2020

I like this a lot. Easy to drink with lots going on. Aroma is the best part with fruit, flowers and a hint of smoke. Taste is strong with an immediate tang in the mouth. The tang fades and buzzes the tongue with smoke and some sweetness. Finish is ok.

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