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Travelling South Mexico Sept2019 to have a few drinks

A few years in the drinks industry, home bar enthusiast. Distillery worker.
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La Medida Arroqueno

Feb 6, 2019

Lotte: A1801 2017 Bottling 2018|47.1%

First time with Arroqueno and first time to sit with a bottle of La Medida brand.
Pretty heady on the initial with sweet peppermints really smacking me. Sharpness with a copper kick joined with earthy wood, it then settles into fruity sugars that lingers nicely turning really quite sweet! Wasn’t fond at first but left in glass for 20mins it seemed to smooth out and became more enjoyable.
A great 3.5 (Give it a 4 not to damage ratings!)

Siete Misterios Doba-Yej

Nov 16, 2018

Very heavy nose, boozy, Peaty and a little candied.
Zingy GNS on the palate with the persistent taste of fresh peat, typical ambiguity of espadin, some stone fruits leather then grass.
Finish is fairly cheery sweet.
Wasn’t too bad, but was following some big hitters.

Leyendas Ancho (Guerrero)

Nov 16, 2018

Didn’t get too much. Super fresh and zingy lime like flavour on the initial. Almost a medicinal cranberry flavour. Some minerality and savoury notes. Not a favourite unfortunately, I do very much prefer there Durango.

Bruxo No. 3 Barril

Nov 16, 2018

First time drinking Barril and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Really nice balance of stone fruits, toffee like sweetness with some salty minerals all combined with that mushy fresh Agave! A sweet nose and classic agbe flavour. Decent.

Del Maguey Pechuga

Nov 16, 2018

I was lucky to enough to come across this bottle in a bar. The barmen had little knowledge of the bottle and charged me £4.40 (~$5). Fair to say I’ve been back several times.

I found it had a an almost savoury nose and taste with some soy like, strong green tea with light smoke and heady nose. Mild vegatile flavours with the initial pepperiness disapting quickly, with stone fruits. A little sweet chocolate on the finish.
I really enjoyed it, super easy drinking!

Leyendas Cenizo (Durango)

Oct 25, 2018

Im a fan of Cenizo, I like the often fruit forward and sweeter notes that it gives to a mezcal. I think that this mescal is a great showcase of those flavours and I quite enjoyed it.
The nose and a salty touch reminiscent of the sea, which is fun coming from a landlocked region, met with fruity flora. The palate was smooth with a light coriander pepper (Or is that the Taco El Pastor?), a warming peatiness, wrapped in a silky mouthfeel that really covers the tongue. It finishes much sweeter with a Honeycomb, similar to other Cenizos tried from the region.

My sweet tooth is often my downfall when it comes to spirits…Enjoyed

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Oct 25, 2018

Easily my current favourite example of the range of Espadin, much more complex and lighter then others previously tasted.
A delicate nose of fresh flowers and tones alluring to sweeter notes such as honey. It is lightly smoked and short lived in the mouth. Leading to a slightly chalky mouth finish with those sweeter flavours coming through, fresh, a little minty with a touch of chocolate. Enjoyed in comparison test of Espadin with others by DM.

Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio

Oct 25, 2018

An Enjoyable Espadin mezcal.

I found it to be nicely balanced but nothing spectacular.
A musty, heather like nose. A fairly nice mouth feel of salted roast peppers and a candied sweets finish, with a touch of vanilla. That classic Espadin taste but done well! 3.5 easily

Derrumbes Tamaulipas

Sep 10, 2018

New batch bottle I believe featuring Amole & Americana agaves. If someone could clarify?
Lote: 3 Bottle: 83/650 Date: 10/17

Initial nose of burnt orange rind, cotton candy and a perfumey agave mulch.
The expected sweetness was there with an angustora like bitterness and oranges clinging to the top of the mouth. It also finishes sweetly wth the orange which is very much welcomed with an oily candy necklace lining(you know the sweets). Long lasting and satisfying. Top!

My final bottle of the current Durrumbes range, though I’d like to try other batches.

La Medida Tobala

Sep 6, 2018

As I drank this tobala I started to enjoy it more. Initially it reminded me on an Espandin but became sweeter, and picked up gingery and clove like notes. Still found it to be abit prickly and with a minerally sourness, becoming earthy in the finish. A burnt wood, meadowy smell to it which is pleasant.

Koch Tepextate

Sep 6, 2018

Fresh floral notes on the nose, toffee sweetness which is in the initial followed by a coppery sharpness, slightly harsher then most, liquorice and a sweeter Muscato like chard smokey finish. (Very deep ?)

Give it slightly lower then 3, but would like to try again, might give a better judgment.

Del Maguey Wild Jabali

Aug 30, 2018

My first JabaIi agave Mezcal.
I found the nose to be quite potent, flowery perfume and citrus. I struggled to identify key flavours, maybe as it was among other drinks, however, Grassiness that reminded me of wormwood, roots and sweet leather, a little numbing. A light creamy finish with a long lasting spicy sherbet sourness that sticks to the tongue.
I’ll try more jabali to see how this compares and look to try this again with a re-edit.

Papadiablo Espadin

Aug 25, 2018

Strong tequila like grassiness, dark fruits and not strong on the perfume.
Fairly light and thin on the mouth feel, classic mezcal taste with a lot of depth, citrus finish, with barely any roast.
(Would be a very strong 3.5, I feel I didn’t get to enjoy enough of this product to qualify as the 1st viable review, so take my review with a pinch of (worm) salt!!)

Derrumbes Zacatecas

Aug 25, 2018

Super fresh on the nose, springy, not overly perfumed. Long grass and blackberries. It was a lot lighter in both taste and smell then the ABV would possibly suggest. A lot of depth in the flavour, with a light and fairly thin mouthfeel.
A pleasant taste of sour grapefruit, hickory and some sulphur like minerals. A rounded mouthfeel and a fresh grassy finish. Enjoyable and pleasant, a winner to show the difference in regional agave.

Derrumbes Michoacan

Aug 25, 2018

Found it to be quite intense on the nose, not some thing I’d give to a first time Mezcal drinker. Short and sharp, like vanilla, but varnish or toothpaste!
A strong taste of bitter limes, heavy minerals, a little salt but still creamy. In the finish, a lightly lasting pettiness. Not entirely my cup of agave unfortunately.

Derrumbes Durango

Aug 20, 2018

One of the most fruit forward Mezcals I’ve had the pleasure of drinking.

A clear tone of fruits and caramelised sweets on the nose. Tastes of honeysuckle and spicy dark chocolate, with cheap tobacco smoke. Silky smooth finish, which is very palatable, rolls over the tongue. Beut!

Note: My bottles label is in Orange, reading left to right up the bottle, with a differing details in the labelling both front & back.

Derrumbes San Luis Potosi

Aug 20, 2018

Distinctive and quirky in both nose and pallet.

An initial peculiar smell of soft blue cheese and a ‘brewery like’ smell of mashed barley paired with sweet dried fruits.
A pulpy texture and everything you can smell is right there in taste along with that classic red peppered spice, followed by a warming bread & butter finish.

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