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Mezcalosfera Tobala – Don Ageo

Oct 2, 2023

Disappointing, does have the green freshness I expect in a tobala. But it is a minty earthy kind, not pleasant. Not my jam.

Vago Elote – Aquilino García López

Oct 1, 2023

Nice Espadin, Pepper und sweetness. Good sip, good beginner mezcal.

El Jolgorio Jabali

Dec 1, 2022

Edition 6 – Harvest 2021 – 52% – Bottle 39/210
Green pepper, fresh, crispy and very smoth despite its 52 %. Awesome!

La Medida Tobala

Nov 29, 2022

Very pleasant smell, soft without biting alcohol. Simple taste, easy to drink but also a bit disappointing for a Tobala. As an Espadin I would consider him interesting. still not a bad mezcal.

Bozal Tobasiche

Apr 25, 2022

Lot 01018 – ABV 47%
Fresh on the nose, little smoke.
Taste much better/more exiting than it smells. Smooth sugary veggie describes the taste best.
Good mezcal and great value!

La Medida Madrecuishe

Apr 18, 2022

Clean and crisp on the nose. Sweet, fresh peppermint and a little smoke.
Smooth to drink with sugar and earthy grass notes. Not bad.

El Jolgorio Barril

Mar 30, 2022

I had the chance to get it at a Mezcal bar in Birmingham, AL.
Nose: Smoke, green and a little bit sweetness
Taste: very smooth and creamy. Smoke on the front and sweet vanilla bean on the the back
Very nice sip!

La Medida Tepeztate

Feb 28, 2022

Smells like charcoal and tastes burned. Not pleasant at all. Under the charcoal you might find some green pepper, gras and minerals.

La Medida Espadin

Feb 28, 2022

Fresh and a little bit of smoke on the nose.
On the palate I find lime, mint and citrus. Even less smoke than on the nose. Nice Espadin, not a bad sip, just not spezial.

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra

Feb 11, 2022

Batch SNALB0120 – Bottle 072/228 – 51,96%
My first Sierra Negra. From now on for sure a Maguey I will pick more often.
Sweet on the nose, mild smoke nice agave all well balanced.
Very smooth and creamy, some fruits. Overall a great mescal and a buy recommendation like all 5S so far!
Unfortunately the 5S are not easy to find.

Rey Campero Espadin

Jan 7, 2022

Lot: D50190-E – Bottle: 613/1102
My second Rey Campero and I bought it because I really liked their Jabalí. Smells a little bit boozy with typical mezcal notes: smoke and earth notes.
Taste is a nice good Espadín. For the price it has potential to become my standard Espadín choice. Not to hot, gentle smoke, cooked agave and a little bit of minerals and citrus.

Derrumbes Durango

Jan 7, 2022

Lote: 9 – Bottle 1115/2900 – Date 01/20
Smells sweet, buttery and fresh herbs with a little bit fruit. No smoke on the nose.
Tastes smooth, sweets and minty herbs are dominant with a little bit of mango. A good not-to-complex mezcal. Easy to sip and an advise for mezcal beginners.

5 Sentidos Tobala – Alberto Martinez

Dec 19, 2021

Batch TB05-19 – Bottle 129/207 – 47,4%
A mix of candy and pine on the nose.
Nice balance between smokey and fruity taste. Very smooth and very enjoyable. Great mescal and for sure a buy recommendation. Might even beat the El Jolgorio Tobala and definitely on of the best Tobala.

Picaflor Espadin

Aug 17, 2021

Lote: PF-01E
I wrote down some tasting notes 2 weeks ago after I first opened the bottle and luckily didn’t post it at that time. The experience two weeks ago was different from what I tasted today.
Two weeks ago it was boozy on the nose and on the palate. A little bit sweetness, very sharp and a long burn. Not very pleasant.
Today it is a different story. Sharppness is gone, just a little bit of burn left, but at a good level. Sweet fruit, agave and mild smoke flavors are now balanced. Nice Espadin, not very complex but a good mezcal.

Señorío Reposado

Aug 3, 2021

Smells like overripe oranges with a lot of boozy sweetness. No smoke on the nose.
Flat in taste, not a lot going on, mostly sweetness. No Smoke on the palate. Was much more promising on the nose.
Not a buy recommendation if you want a typical mezcal. Maybe a substitute for a Tequila in a cocktail.
(My bottle, bought in Germany, has a ABV of 38%)

Real Minero Largo

Aug 3, 2021

LOTE: RML-17 – Bottle 11/264
Clay, smoke and vegetables nicely balanced on the nose
Smooth and silky on the palate, very pleasant. I tastes greens and minerals with hints of tropical fruit. Very enjoyable! Is going to be one of my favorites.

Mezcal Local

Jul 26, 2021

LOT DRS-01 ABV: 42%
Very smooth, fruity sweetness on the palate and light smoke on the nose. A good and simple mezcal at a great prize. Ideal match for fruity cocktails

El Jolgorio Pechuga

Jul 21, 2020

Edition: 11 – Harvest: 2018 – Bottle 1070/1160
Bought it because I really liked the Tobala, but it is not as great as the Tobala.
Cedar on the nose is dominant and smoother than expected. Nice, warm mouth feel. I miss the pechuga magic.

Rey Campero Jabali

Jul 13, 2020

Lot D5005-J – Sept 2015 Bottle 472/1072
Very Complex on the nose and palate, amazing all the way. Fruits (mostly Lime), green veggies, vanilla, smoke and a lot more, hard to describe but exceptional balanced and very clean. Nice smooth warm aftertaste.
One of the best mezcals I ever had

Marca Negra Espadin

Jul 4, 2020

Batch: BP15-19 ABV 51,5%
Nice agave on the nose and fresh fruit. Alcohol burning a little bit but not unpleasant. Not a lot of smoke.
Smooth mouth feel for 51,5%. Nice Espadin. Roasted fruit on the palate.
For my taste it could have a little bit less ABV.

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