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Nic Hnastchenko
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Architect. Printmaker. Mezcal, coffee and beer lover.
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Mezcalero No. 16

Apr 26, 2019

Herbaceous and vegetal and absolutely delicious.

Banhez Pechuga de Pavo

Mar 30, 2019

Glad I didn’t confuse this one with the classic Banhez Pechuga with chicken 😉 Was solid, from a while back, strong apple up front that was a little distracting from the agave.

Unión Viejo

Mar 22, 2019

LOT UV/1118

Solid mezcal. Dried, earthy, like roasted peppers? Needed to add something with tobala to my collection.

Lalocura Tobala

Mar 16, 2019

Another delicious mezcal from Lalo, fruity but not super sweet. Packs a little bit of a punch, which is never a bad thing.

Revisited. Lalo brings out the most random tasting notes for me. On this one, I got Nerd candy.

Yuu Baal Espadin

Mar 15, 2019

Batch YJ08-18 One of the better affordable bottles I’ve picked up. I see myself grabbing another one of these once it’s gone. Cooked fruit and a slight sweetness that goes along with it. Grabbed this after seeing it was by one of the mezcaleros from Marca Negra.

Clande Lechuguilla (Blue)

Mar 7, 2019

Had a green bottle, but seems to be the same Mezcal Lot 1/1 (?) by Lupe Lopez from Chihuahua.

Still learning things about Sotol, and this one was unique but well rounded with some of the wood notes that i’ve gotten from other Sotol’s but a different balance with the added agaves. I’ve never heard of Agave Churique before, so that’s a new one. Delicious, and I’m always up for something new, Clande the pack with their Sotol in my experience thus far.

Real Minero Barril, Cuishe

Mar 7, 2019

Bottle 009/245, Batch ARMBC-01 from March 2018 by Edgar Angeles Carreno.

Was looking for an ensamble or a Karwinskii with some minerality and fruity flavors, and this checked all 4. Really loved this, always a treat trying some of the new Real Minero bottles, all very well rounded, and a nice heavy hitter at 53%. (This bottle have every piece of information you could possibly ask for and its the best thing ever)

Lalocura Cuishe

Mar 7, 2019

Lot 08 CUS (?I can’t read the second part of this)

Took a dive into Lalo’s mezcal yesteday, had this after the Tobasiche and it did not disappoint, would need another taste to get into the flavor profile, but definitely turned me on to their mezcals, very well rounded. Also I’m curious if Cuishe and Mexicano are the same agave?

Vago Tobala – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

Mar 6, 2019

Blue label, Lot E18-TOB-17 NOM 0188X coming in at a cool 51.4%.

Loved this one on comparison to the Rey campero, a little more well rounded, but still with the fruit base. from Emigdio Jarquin.

Lalocura Tobasiche

Mar 6, 2019

First notes are dandilion.

Revisited. Just a completely different profile from what I got the first time around. Very nutty.

Rey Campero Tepextate + Cuishe + Espadin

Mar 6, 2019

Lot DS001-ECT by Romulo Sanchez Parada.

Might have been aided by the label but right off the bat I got some strong watermelon. Stuck with me, also I love watermelon so that’s a big plus.

Rey Campero Chato

Mar 6, 2019

Described as a dirty tobala and I get it. This is good but one thing holding it back is it’s could be a bit heavier

Real Minero Barril

Mar 6, 2019

Slightly fruity but a nice richness. Beautiful mezcal

Flor del Desierto Desert

Mar 6, 2019

Woody, little earthy, definitely different not agave. A lot less sweet.

5 Sentidos Arroqueño – Tio Pedro

Feb 18, 2019


It took me a while to find this bottle, but picked it up at Mexico in a Bottle last year. Claypot still, revisiting this, getting some chocolate coming through. Interesting how i am getting a better idea for the taste of this one as i go through the bottle.

Clande Sotol (Yellow)

Feb 9, 2019

I tried this thinking I would just expand out of mezcal and try something new, and this was such a treat. It’s a weird analogy but if mezcal is a fruit, this is a tree. Absolutely loved this and definitely going to drink more sotol in the future. Loved how different the taste was from mezcal but how it still felt familiar.

Alipus Destilado en Barro (San Miguel Sola)

Feb 9, 2019

Really really liked this one. Can’t remember the last Espadin I had by them but this was super smooth, nice bite, and had that clay pot coming through nicely. Think I need to get a clay pot distilled bottle next time I pick something up

Rey Campero Cuishe

Feb 9, 2019

Bar Sotano last night. Loved this one. Don’t have any notes

El Buho Especial Cuishe

Feb 7, 2019

Just a taste at the Agave: Spirit of a Nation screening. For whatever reason, I had discounted El Buho bc it seems like they have some frills in their bottles, but this was nice, liked the jabali better.

El Buho Especial Jabali

Feb 7, 2019

Just a taster at the Agave: Spirit of a Nation screening. Had a few different tastes, but remembered liking this better than the cuishe.

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